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Sanborn is a full-service, independent creative agency based in New York. For well over a decade, Sanborn has produced digital campaigns and products for NYC brands. We focus on all aspects of digital marketing, including web, mobile, video, content and experiential. Agility, innovation, and a down-to-earth approach guide our work.

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New York City Portfolio

Sanborn – Award Winning NYC Creative Agency

Interactive LED Race Wall On the Hudson River

Citi and Mojo PSG teamed up to create “Rio on the Hudson,” a free event celebrating the Rio Olympics that gave New Yorkers the opportunity to enjoy the games in style. In an effort to let fans capture the Olympic spirit in a more literal, interactive and physical way, we gave attendees the opportunity to compete against an Olympian.

Enter Allyson Felix, an Olympic champion runner with a world record-setting 16.36 second 150m dash. What better way to get into the Olympic spirit than by challenging her to a race? Users raced head-to-head against Allyson down a 12.5 meter track flanked by a massive LED display. After a countdown signaled the race start, Allyson’s image darted across the LED wall in real time as challengers raced next to her on the parallel track. At the finish line, a sensor captured their race time and triggered a camera to snap a photo finish. The challenger then received a branded digital photo comparing their time with the Olympian’s.

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Clearpool Group Rebrand

Clearpool is a Wall Street based algorithmic trading firm who needed a creative agency in NYC and called on Sanborn for a rebranding effort, a new site and a series of video assets to showcase their product.

The effort included: a logo and brand guide, custom illustrations and art, a responsive website, explainer videos and web application design and consulting.

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Sanborn – Award Winning NYC Creative Agency
Sanborn – Award Winning NYC Creative Agency

NAMI: NYC Chapter Website

The New York City chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Health is a grassroots organization that provides free services to those with mental health needs. NAMI-NYC Metro wanted a general site makeover and also to make it easier for visitors to find the various classes, groups, and resources.

To achieve this, we built them a clean, custom filtering page so that visitors on both desktop and mobile devices can easily discover the services they need. We also built the site on a fully customizable WordPress CMS so that NAMI’s staff can add classes, groups, events, updates, photos, and other resources as soon as they’re offered.

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Bloomingdale's Digital Windows at 59th Street

The holidays in NYC are a wonderful time for decorations around the city. Retailers are known for these elaborate and sometimes magical displays. Bloomingdale’s wanted to put on a little magic show of their own, letting passersby’s interact with their store’s iconic “Big Brown Bag” through the window.

A special interactive film was placed behind the window to capture people touching the glass. When activated, a camera snapped a photo and displayed it on the digital monitor in the Big Brown Bag. An email address could then be input to receive the photo. Additionally, each photo had a 3 digit short code. By going to the mobile web gallery and entering that code the photo is directly pulled up on the phone.

Sanborn – Award Winning NYC Creative Agency
Sanborn – Award Winning NYC Creative Agency

Girl Scouts Cookie Booth Bounce Mobile Game

Girl Scouts USA, headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, recently built a site that allows Girl Scouts to sell cookies online. As a trusted creative agency of theirs, we were tasked to build a fun game highlighting the tenants of the cookie selling process for their younger audience (6 – 8 yr olds).

The result was an arcade style cookie flipping game, challenging girls to distribute the right type of cookie to customers at just the right time.

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MYNY Bus Stop at Flatiron

When DKNY launches a new global fragrance, they like to make a serious splash – from the production of the actual product, to getting the word out. The marketing team turned to us to create an interactive web presence that also tied into a live event promoting the new product. The result was an immense website that took visitors from around the world and helped them create a customized “MYNY Digital Heart,” a collage of their favorite elements of iconic NYC scenes. On the day the fragrance was released, we helped bring the site to life in front of the Flatiron Building, located in the heart of New York City.

We took the MYNY site and seamlessly integrated it into a live activity. Photographers snapped photos of attendees as they waited in line for exclusive giveaways. The photos were wirelessly transmitted to our “MYNY Bus Stop” where touchscreen stations shared their MYNY Heart out to the world. A wall of continuously updating monitors displayed the hearts in real time from both the launch event and others from around the world.

Sanborn – Award Winning NYC Creative Agency
Sanborn – Award Winning NYC Creative Agency

Freedom Institute Website & Branding

Freedom Institute is a a non-profit organization doing a lot of good for a lot of people in the New York City metropolitan area. They came to us with the goal to update the entire look & feel of their brand and website.

We ported them to WordPress and gave their team the tools to easily keep the site updated. We also did a complete UI/UX revamp, getting the appropriate users to the relevant information quickly, whether they’re visiting on mobile, desktop, or tablet.

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Swearby iOS App Design & Development

Sanborn was hired to take on the task of designing, developing, and deploying SwearBy: a unique iPhone app that tackles the issue of anonymous, untrustworthy reviews on the internet. SwearBy gives users the ability to easily connect with both friends and trusted professionals to help find the stuff they can’t live without.

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Sanborn – Award Winning NYC Creative Agency
“ ” They take a gem of an idea and pump it up with steroids, put it on the back of a magical unicorn and send it out into space. (Yes, they are that good. And yes, the unicorn survives). Erica Boeke, Head of Strategic Brand Experiences at Condé Nast

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