Roll Call: Dan Rabinowitz, Boy Genius


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Dan (left) and Cris Hazzard (right) celebrate the holidays.

Sanborn is a team of designers, developers, and producers, hard at work to create fluid websites, dynamic apps, high-quality videos, and incredible live experiences. But what really makes our work click are the personalities of those individuals. Get to know us a bit better at Roll Call:

Dan prides himself as a true Long Islander. Now walking around New York, Dan daydreams of ping pong and talks to himself in javascript. Dan interned at Sanborn in the summer of 2012 and 2013, making him a true lifer. In his free time Dan enjoys popping lactaid pills, beating everyone at Mario Tennis and watching the movie so he doesn’t have to read the book. Unfortunately, Dan is also a Mets fan.

What is your most memorable “that’s why I work here” moment?

My most memorable “that’s why I worked here” moment is the softball league we joined when I first started full time back in the summer of 2014. We would all cut out of work a half hour early to travel together to some obscure remote softball field. Someone would usually drive up with a cooler full of beers and we would all hang out outside and have a catch to warm up. The games were always comical because of how terrible we were. Our closest game we only lost by 19 runs but no one took it too seriously. Usually we would all go to a bar afterwards nearby the field and continue the fun with pitchers of cheap beer knowing that we all had to get up the next morning for work.


What has been your strangest remote work location?

My strangest remote work location is probably the video office. As boring as that may sound the video team always keeps it fun and weird. Watching Marshall and Greg Russ fight or chase each other around and throw things at each other never gets old. Meanwhile, Fels will pull up strange YouTube videos and play them on the projector. Finally, Schrack would hide away in the back building, welding, sanding, constructing whatever his next invention for a client was.

What’s your favorite project you’ve ever worked on at SMF? Why?

My favorite project I have ever worked on was the social filter. The reason is because it was an internal project. It is always more fun to build a project that you know is going to be used by yourself and the people you work with. It was also very nice to work on a project that didn’t have a deadline for a change.


Anna, Chris, Dan, Livia, and Heayeon of Team Butter (from left to right).


What sage job wisdom from another employee has really stuck with you?

One piece of wisdom that has stuck with me is to “Do It Live.” That is the obvious advice since it is literally written on the walls. Taking initiative and doing something will only get you praise even if how you did it wasn’t exactly how it should be done. Showing that you tried and put the effort in and worked through a challenge will only make your coworkers think more highly of you. Another piece of advice is to over-communicate. That was something that Jeff and Greg O’Kane told me when I first started here. If you’re on the fence about telling someone about an issue or really anything, just do it. It can’t hurt to make your situation known by others.


Attending a typical Sanbornian award ceremony, you can see Dan second from the right.

Favorite lunch joint when at the office? Worst lunch joint?

My favorite lunch joint at our office in the financial district is Sandwich House. The worst lunch joint is Koyzina Kafe, it reminded me a lot of the dining halls in college.

Do you think the work remote policy is crazy?

Yes I do, but I don’t think crazy is a bad thing. I think both I, as well as the whole company, are still adjusting and figuring it out together. It makes the little things in life a lot easier. Picking up a package, waiting for the cable guy or doing laundry is now a piece of cake. However, there needs to be a careful balance of preventing stir craziness by leaving your home. Also there is a major challenge in separating your business life and your personal life. Sleeping in your office/bedroom can be dangerous.