Roll Call: Livia Nelson, Not Your Grandma’s Grandma


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Sanborn is a team of designers, developers, and producers, hard at work to create fluid websites, dynamic apps, high-quality videos, and incredible live experiences. But what really makes our work click are the personalities of those individuals. Get to know us a bit better at Roll Call:

Livia likes to drink hot sauce, but not coffee. She speaks German, is missing the top of one of her fingers, and has never dyed her hair. She loves knitting, cats, and tea, but does not yet seem to be an old lady. She is 5,323rd in line to the British throne and makes her bed every single day.

What is your most memorable “that’s why I work here” moment?

This was not necessarily the most memorable “why I work here moment,” but definitely the first. This is a Christmas photo of my family in 2013:


Livia’s family portrait.

…and this is the Christmas photo my first year at SMF, in 2014:


The Sanborn’s family portrait, circa 2014.

Safe to say I’d found my second family 🙂

What has been your strangest remote work location?

Last summer I went dawn trad climbing upstate. My cousin is a professional climbing guide, and assured me that we’d be back down in time for me to drive back into town and find a cafe to park at for standup. But I guess we’re slower climbers than he anticipated because, come 9:50, I’m still hanging off the side of this cliff and you can’t exactly rush it with this stuff:


Luckily I made it over the top just in time to do standup from my phone:


(Rebecca and Dan were like “Oh you’re atop a mountain? Dgaf!”)

I had a lot of waiting time between pitches when I was rapping back down though so I definitely was on Slack.

Angle Grinders

What’s your favorite project you’ve ever worked on at SMF? Why?

My favorite project I’ve worked on is the game for Girl Scouts! If you know me, this needs no explanation, and if you don’t, you’ll probably get me after you play (and at the very least you’ll have heard my voice): 

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 6.03.47 PM

How much does Parker weigh?

About 120, give or take 5lbs.

Schrack moved to Minnesota; Dan B moved to Idaho; Ace and Edith moved to San Diego, etc… Where would you go?

Boulder, so I can climb and hike and ski and hang with my extended fam more!!


Connecticut fashionistas Andrew Parker and Livia Nelson.

If you had created a social network and had to name it, what would it be called?



Livia and Anna dress up as the dancers emoji.

Q: List all the SMF employees that you could beat up.

A: For full list click here.