This Week’s Need to Know: Pigs and Sauce



Rick and Morty is a fantastically smart animated TV show centered around a nihilist genius inventor and his grandson as they journey through the multiverse. One particular episode endeavors to highlight the absurdity of existence through the main character’s indifference towards everything except a long discontinued McDonald’s condiment (Szechuan sauce that was part of a 1998 promotion for Disney’s Mulan).

Seeing an opportunity to capitalize on the show’s ridiculous popularity amongst millennials and leaving aside that the original promotion might have been in poor taste, McDonald’s decided to bring back the Szechuan sauce for a one-day promotion. But a lack of supply led to disruptions in stores as entitled 18-24-year-olds with too much time and not enough sauce on their hands inevitably did stupid stuff. 

I can’t help but think that the whole situation could have been avoided if McDonald’s would have involved the actual team behind Rick and Morty in the marketing efforts (because those guys do some awesome stuff). But some have suggested that the lack of supply was an intentional PR move ripped right from the classic create scarcity playbook and this further confirms that our existence is indeed absurd.


Leaving aside the fact that a healthy adult human shouldn’t have much difficulty cleaning a 500-square-foot area, this developer does a great job explaining the basic principles of agile software development by applying them to tidying up his apartment. At Sanborn, we employ these same agile development principles to build great products like SwearBy and Alpha. If you have a product idea in need of an agile development team, please do contact us to learn more about how we can help. For a limited time only, we’ll even send a Certified Scrum Master to help with your dishes.


‘Nuff said.