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Website Optimization, Maintenance & Support

Website Optimization, Maintenance & Support

You wouldn’t buy a fancy sports car and then forget about changing the oil, would you? Likewise, your state-of-the-art website needs maintenance and care to stay that way.

That’s why Sanborn offers a comprehensive website support and maintenance package that goes above and beyond mere plugin updates and backups. Our offering includes:

  • SEO optimizations to ensure new and existing pages follow best practices for your targeted keywords.
  • Multivariate testing for key pages to optimize conversions.
  • Ongoing assistance with configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting for your website hosting provider
  • CloudFlare setup, configuration and ongoing support (third-party layered security and caching provider).
  • Assisting with downtime or performance issues by liaising with the web host provider.
  • Facilitation of regular and thorough backups of your website and assistance with restoration in case of loss.
  • Updates and modifications to templates.
  • Upgrades to to WordPress, including plugins and themes.
  • Consultation advice and guidance on the use of the website and its content management system (“CMS”).
  • Guaranteed response for bug fixes and maintenance issues.
  • Regular monitoring and updating to ensure performance across all the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, Safari, and mobile versions of Chrome and Safari.
  • Software updates as may be necessary to address security or stability issues in the software or to add new features, and may include:
    • Server-level updates (Linux, PHP, Apache, and various submodules)
    • Application-level updates to WordPress
    • Plugin-level updates for specific functionality within the context of the CMS
    • Front-end updates to HTML, CSS, and Javascript
    • The addition of new features or changes to existing features on the website.
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