This Week’s Need to Know: Chicken Candles



In its effort to keep Facebook two steps behind, SnapChat may be breaking into a new frontier: 3D snaps. Snap, Inc. recently posted a job listing looking for a candidate who can “digitally sculpt 3D characters.” The potential coolness of 3D features on SnapChat feels high, until you remember the original purpose of SnapChat… and the first thing people starting using Spectacles for… and then it seems… just… ew.



Instagram rolled out a suite of new features this week—some good (those that help curb harassment), some bad (those designed to sell us more shit), but almost all of them bring the platform closer to that of its parent company, Facebook. Features include the ability to:

While some worry that these updates are bringing Instagram too close to Facebook, we think it’ll be fine as long as Facebook people stay on Facebook. The second someone starts commenting on my comment comments with Onion articles that they think are real, I’m out.



Remember that whole battle between Apple and Samsung about smartphone design patents a couple years ago? While courts did rule in favor of Apple about the actually patent infringement, this week the United States Supreme court also ruled that Samsung is not responsible for turning over profits made from the copycat phones.
Many consider this a loss not only for Apple, but for product designers; the implication is that copyists won’t have to heed patents as much as they used to, because even if they get sued for patent infringement, they’ll still be able to make money off of their ripoffs. Maybe Apple should apply for a decoy patent for phones that explode, so that when Samsung copies that phone, they’ll… oh no wait, never mind.



…okay, it’s actually “greenery,” but we’re on to you, Pantone. If you’re not familiar, Pantone is a company that is the global standard bearer in color matching, and they like to pick a “Color of the Year” every December that will be like, everywhere the following year. If you’re not buying that the choice was inspired by widespread marijuana legalization after the 2016 election, here are some other theories as to why Pantone picked this shade: it’s probably our president-elects favorite color; it might be the last time we’re going to see this color after this guy was chosen to lead to the EPA; someone high up in Pantone started watching reruns of Figure It Out on Nickelodeon; or, whoever has to make this decision was sitting at their desk, drinking a green juice from Liquiteria, and thought eh, fuck it, this’ll work.
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