Google tweeted a warning to users this week about a widespread and well executed phishing attack taking place on GMail which, by coincidence, happened just about the time my friend Bill texted me that I shouldn’t open any emails from him. Apparently some bozo made a program that asks you to open a “Google Doc” link (fake), which then opens an app called “Google Docs”(also fake) that steals your address book and presumably emails all your contacts an invitation to a luxury music festival in the Bahamas.  Actually, it just tells them to open another dumb link that steals all their stuff. Either way, it sucks and don’t be like my friend Bill and fall for it.


Elite hacker “thedarkoverlord” has gained access to a bunch of TV shows and is holding them ransom. This is really good news if you’re a fan of “Orange is the New Black” and breaking the law via torrents, but bad news if you dislike cliched hacker tropes. I mean, come on. “The Dark Overlord?” Tweets that say things like, “we aren’t playing games anymore?” Boo. If this turns out to be some ultra-meta marketing campaign for season 3 of Mr. Robot I’m throwing my iPhone into a lake.


Zuckerberg’s 10th law of the internet states that every app, once launched, begins a gradual decline into becoming (or being absorbed by) either Instagram or Snapchat. HOWEVER, Chris Gray’s first law of everything states that all apps are really just Tinder in one form or another. In that spirit, app developer Feeld has created a Slackbot that turns Slack (the popular work communication service) into a dating app. Yup, the days of stolen cubicle glances and sneaking into the copy room for a quick makeout sesh are over; today’s modern work romances will begin with an eggplant emoji and probably end with someone getting fired.