This Week’s Need to Know: Lawmakers Think Privacy is Cute



Apple has been silently judging your video editing efforts and is, frankly, disgusted. As are we. Shame on you. In an attempt to mitigate your innate ability to take their wonderful product and NOT make beautiful art with it, Apple is launching a new video editing app called Clips in April. It’s either the best of Prisma, Instagram, Snapchat, and iMovie rolled into one or it’s one of those Apple apps that Apple won’t let you delete because #apple.



According to The Observer, Donald Trump’s lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to a 17-year-old girl from San Francisco who created a website that lets you punch the Big D with tiny kitten paws. The site was originally called TrumpScratch but was changed to KittenFeed on advice from counsel. Personally…I have a hard time believing the most powerful man in the world would be intimidated by a 17-year-old’s kitten game. That just seems crazy.



The US Senate woke up one day this week and decided it would go ahead and overturn internet privacy rules that would have prevented internet providers from sharing your web browsing history without your permission. You know…for funsies.



Facebook, not quite satiated from its efforts to drive SnapChat into the ground by replicating their not-so-unreplicable (niner) feature set, has apparently now set its sights on Yelp. According to Bloomberg, Facebook-owned Instagram will let users book appointments with businesses directly from the app. Sounds mean…but alas…this isn’t Russia. Is this Russia Danny?



Whether you are pissed or pleased…writing to your elected officials to register your approval or disdain with the state of things is…hard. One enterprising gentleperson created a bot that makes it insanely easy to generate a fax to each of your representatives every day by talking to a robot via text. It’s called Cool idea and all but if only someone would create a website that lets me blow a hot blast of trumpet air into Donald Trump’s face at various angles….THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING.