This Week’s Need to Know: Who Is The Michael Jordan of eSports?



Tech got political this week. Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and 100 other tech companies filed a legal brief opposing Trump’s travel ban. The argument is that banning immigration from those countries impedes Silicon Valley’s ability to hire the best talent and makes them less competitive. This is obviously a bullshit argument, since everyone knows they can just hire Sanborn to handle their digital needs.



Facebook introduced a cool new feature to Safety Check, the functionality for letting your friends know that you’re safe in times of crisis. The new feature, called Community Help, lets you offer food, shelter, and safety to others during the crisis. The idea was inspired by the actions of Parisian citizens, who took in strangers during the 2015 terrorist attacks. And you don’t have to wait for an earthquake to meet new people—Facebook is rolling out a “Discover People” feature that helps you connect with like minded Facebookers.



eSports, the fancy way to refer to video games, just took another step toward the mainstream when the NBA signed a deal to create an eSports league with the NBA2K video game. Each real life NBA team will also have a 5 person NBA2K eSports team that competes in a season paralleling the actual NBA season. The eSports league will integrate sponsors, and they’ll also sell tickets to the virtual matches.



Pinterest rolled out some cool new features this week. Lens lets you take a picture with your Pinterest app and get recommended pins that match and compliment your photo. For example, if I need to pick out an outfit for the day, and I take a picture of a bagel, Pinterest will recommend that I dress like this (thanks to our friend Scott Carlis for the tip). Pinterest also teamed up with retailers like Target and Macy’s to let you shop for items directly within Pinterest.