This Week’s Need to Know: Will 2017 Be the Year that C3PO Dies?



With all the celebrity losses this week, hackers and hoaxers had an easy time slipping in some fake death announcements. Most notable was Britney Spears, who’s death was announced on Bob Dylan’s Twitter account. Bobby D even used an emoji2017 Prediction: Expect more fake news, and don’t expect technology to solve the problem, unless you want to call bullshit on the president. People want to hear what they want to hear, and seem to be okay with believing in total nonsense.



Over the holidays Facebook set up VR pop-up shops in airports and malls to demo Gear VR headsets. I think everyone was expecting a big VR goggle buying boom over the holiday, and it didn’t happen. Most people just got gift cards or socks.
If you don’t have VR goggles and want to try them out, VR cafes are starting to become a thing. Or, if you just want to look cool, put on your grandmother’s sunglasses, look up toward the sky, and gently sway your head side to side.2017 Prediction: Companies will continue to dump a ton of money into VR content and tech, but it will only pay off when the majority of users have VR goggles. If you’re not at the table when that happens, expect to be eating a shit sandwich.



2016 was the year that all the big tech players got in a functionality arms race. It’s become a muddled world of photo filters, stickers, and emojis, all ideally served up using live video. Facebook and Instagram wanted to be Snapchat, and Snapchat wants to be Facebook. Not wanting to be left behind, Twitter introduced live 360 video streaming this week.2017 Prediction: Everyone will continue to try and do everything. Eventually life will be a live streaming, augmented and virtual reality based mess that looks like this.





A lot of folks thought that 2016 sucked as much as this trumpet player, but it wasn’t all that bad. We had some decent memes.