Cookie Booth Bounce

You could say we were bouncing with excitement when long-time client Girl Scouts of the USA asked us to create a game for their Digital Cookie website. Because Digital Cookie allows Girl Scouts to sell cookies online, the game needed to reference the cookie selling experience, while still being charming and lighthearted enough for the intended 6-8 year old audience.

The Girl Scouts of the USA

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Concept Creation
Interface Design
Soundtrack Composition
Voice/Character Acting
Game/Web Development

Cookie Booth Bounce

After presenting multiple game concepts to the team at Girl Scouts, we settled on a version where players would “bounce” a cookie box to a passing character by tapping the screen at the optimal moment. Colors and other visual queues indicate which cookie box needed to be bounced to which character, thereby strengthening the player’s decision making skills. The game was designed and illustrated with ease of play at top of mind, without ever compromising adorable-ness.

Most games played on mobile devices are built within apps, so the need for this game to exist within a website and function across devices presented a major challenge that we faced head on. Music and voice over were recorded in house, and prototypes were tested by Girl Scout Troops and tech-savvy kids around the country. The project was truly a joy to work on and we’re so proud of how it turned out.

Cookie Booth Bounce
Cookie Booth Bounce
Cookie Booth Bounce
Cookie Booth Bounce