Star Trek Transporter App & Experiential Marketing Installation

In partnership with the new CBS Star Trek series, MAC Cosmetics released an exclusive collection of Starfleet-styled products to celebrate Star Trek’s cosmic women. To celebrate this partnership, MAC asked us to help create an experiential marketing piece for San Diego Comic Con.

Seeking out a way to capture the excitement on social media, we worked with the teams at MAC and CBS to create an augmented reality app and installation for San Diego Comic Con, literally beaming fans into the great beyond!

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Iconic Nichelle Nichols at #MACStarTrek! #Regram from @StarTrek @SDCC2016 @comic_con

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Launched at Comic Con 2016, CBS and MAC build a massive starship deck and transporter outside of the San Diego Convention Center, inviting fans to beam out and into the great unknown (or at least, into #MACStarTrek).

Our app took hundreds of 10-second clips of Star Trek fans beaming out and back throughout the event, including the original Uhura, Nichelle Nichols!

The augmented reality app is now being used in MAC Cosmetics stores in 13 countries around the world, each outfitted with a miniature Star Trek transporter set, props and a rep in full Star Trek garb!

With the new CBS series launching this fall, we can’t wait to see where else this app takes us…and whatever we may find there…