Rios Olympics Interactive LED Wall

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to race against an Olympian? At “Rio on the Hudson,” a free event hosted by Citi and Mojo PSG celebrating the Rio Olympics, sports-loving New Yorkers could see how they stack up against Olympic Champion Allyson Felix in an interactive LED Wall experience. Event goers sprinted down the track to a photo finish, allowing them to share their score on social media.


Revolution Marketing

UI/UX Design
Microcontroller/Sensor Integration
Live Installation
App Development
Back-End Development

Rios Olympics Interactive LED Wall

Enter Allyson Felix, an Olympic champion runner with a world record setting 16.36 second 150m dash. What better way to get into the Olympic spirit than by challenging her to a race?

To capture this experience, users raced head to head against Allyson down a 12.5 meter track flanked by a massive LED display. After a countdown signaled the race start, Allyson’s image darted across the LED wall in real time as challengers raced next to her on the parallel track. At the finish line, a sensor captured their race time and triggered a camera to snap a photo finish. The challenger then received a photo via email or text comparing their time with the Olympian’s.

Rios Olympics Interactive LED Wall
Rios Olympics Interactive LED Wall

The build accommodated hundreds of participants per day, with interactions automated to keep staffing needs light and the line flowing smoothly. This way, our users could focus on the task at hand, beating Allyson, which–big surprise–nobody quite managed. We guess there’s always the next Olympics.

Rios Olympics Interactive LED Wall