“All Hands” Meetings



We do a lot of video conferencing at work. Like…A LOT. We have a work-from-wherever-you-want policy that allows employees to work from one of our three offices, their home, the on-deck circle at Citi Field, etc. But we talk to each other all day long on our machines.

One of the occupational hazards of this posture is that you can be in a “meeting” while doing any number of other things (checking email, posting to Facebook, surfing Slack, etc.) and your inattention is not obvious to everyone else because all they see is your head.

So yesterday I created a new tool for anyone in our company who is leading a meeting. At their discretion, they can decide to implement an “All Hands” provision whereby everyone attending must have their hands visible for some or all of the call.

We had our first one yesterday afternoon (for a post-mortem session on a big project that recently wrapped) and this is what it looked like:


My notes to the team as we give this a try were:

Anyway – in case that proves useful to you in your efforts to achieve harmony in your remote workplace and violent victory over your enemies, I offer up our open-sourced tactic with a full heart and unclenched fist.

Chris Sanborn is both president of Sanborn and extremely ticklish.