Digital Producer

Digital Producer

We’re looking for a modern-day renaissance human to help us make things. Digital things. Wonderful things. Wonderful digital things. It’s simple…and complicated. Let’s go deeper…

Our Producer role is a bit of a hybrid and is well-suited for someone who enjoys both shaping a piece of work with a client (ie – a bit of account management) and then also overseeing the work itself once it’s in motion (ie – a bit of project management).

In this role, you will:

  • Manage web, mobile, experiential, and video projects
  • “Manage” means:
    • Fully wrapping your head around a project and understanding it.
    • Translating a project into actionable steps from start to finish (with help from our subject matter experts like Creative and Technical Directors)
    • Working with the client to shape the scope of the work required to meet their goals and guide them through every step of the project
    • Expressing confidence and a positive attitude (especially if you have no confidence and are mashing down unstoppable waves of negativity and cynicism)
    • Educating and setting a client’s expectations
    • Ensuring scope doesn’t get out of hand while at the same time helping the client get what they paid for (and finding the right voice to explain what they need if it’s different from what they want)
    • Working with our internal teams (developers, designers, etc.) to make sure a project is on track and any issues are dealt with appropriately
    • Creatively solving problems
    • Making sure we make money on projects
  • Develop deeper relationships with our clients by:
    • Getting them to be fans of Sanborn (as if everyone is not already)
    • Sharing the cool work we do with them
    • Proactively offering our products and services to help grow their business
  • Get your hands dirty and help with projects. That could mean:
    • Creating an IA document
    • Setting up a WordPress install
    • Writing a script for a video
    • Performing a business discovery effort
    • Finger painting
  • Help ideate new concepts and solutions for proposals
  • Help estimate budget for new business proposals
  • Expand your knowledge and skill-set by learning new areas that can help with a client’s digital marketing success (SEO, paid media, research, whatever the shiny new tech is, etc.)


What we’re looking for:

  • 3 years minimum of experience doing this job or something similar (we have moments where we’re accepting folks who are looking for their first job but this is not one of them)
  • A jack-of-all trades, entrepreneurial attitude
  • Attention to detail, you can’t let things fall through the cracks in this job
  • Someone who has a good bedside manner, who can joke with a client, but at the same time keep things on track
  • Good writing skills
  • Down to earth
  • Creative at solving problems
  • Open-minded and willing to learn new skills / software / concepts
  • Has experience managing web or software projects and used some tools like Jira, Trello, Asana, etc. 
  • Someone who’s not an asshole, diva, or douchebag


One important note…we have a healthy remote work policy but producers here need to be based in LA or NY. Details of our policy are:

  • We have offices in NYC, Brooklyn, and Santa Monica (WeWork). You can come into an office, or you can work from wherever you want (cafe, Nepal, Newark, Narragansett, wherever) provided you get your shit done and are available to get to a client meeting in the city you live in when necessary.
  • We generally work on EST, but you might have clients anywhere in the world, and you have to be creative about when you can communicate with them.
  • If you have never done the remote work thing, like ever, we might have a problem.
  • If you work from home, we expect you to be available on Slack and video conference.
  • If you are on a video conference, you need to have a shirt on. Pants are optional.


And who the hell are we?

A 25-person interactive shop working with all manner of organizations (sports teams, beauty brands, magazines, non-profits, pharmaceutical companies, startups) helping to create and manage the full battery of digital media goodness (web, mobile, content, video and experiential activations to be specific). We believe passionate, talented people all working together smoothly yields awesome work that lets us come back and do it again tomorrow. 


To Apply:

If you are interested, please apply with a resume and introduction to [email protected] with the subject line “Alrighty Then” to show that you’ve read this whole post. Bonus points if you include a GIF from the movie.

Please feel free to skip the formality of a cover letter and write to us as a human being.  If you need to use a four letter word to effectively express a previous engagement or an appropriately inappropriate metaphor to describe your ideal work environment, I’ll take that over what you would think I typically “need to hear” in a job application. Be yourself. The truth is the easiest thing to remember and I don’t have time to weed through cover-letter-speak to find out who you really are and what you want. Just tell me.

If you are a recruiter, I promise I respect the heck out of the service you provide and when I run a 35,000-person company I will totally respond to your queries but not on this one. Please don’t waste your time (and don’t reference that I wrote about not wasting your time when you waste my time by ignoring this request).