Web/Interactive Designer (Remote Welcome)

Web/Interactive Designer (Remote Welcome)

Sanborn is currently on the hunt for an enthusiastic, energetic soul to join our design team. We are looking for a designer who wants to be challenged in a fast-paced work environment.

You have experience in creating websites that not only look clean and beautiful, but have also been thought out from a usability standpoint. You enjoy working with a small group of people and are not an asshole … seriously there is a very strict no asshole policy here, so don’t apply if that’s you.

Who Are We?

A 30-person interactive shop with offices in Downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn and Los Angeles but with our remote-work-centric approach, we have soldiers based across the country. We work primarily with media properties helping to create and manage the full battery of digital media goodness (web, mobile, social, video and live events to be specific). Our wide-range of recognizable clients include sports teams like the LA Kings and the Portland Trail Blazers, fashion brands like Clinique, heavy content driven sites like Nerdist.com, magazines like The New Yorker, Women’s Health, and WIRED and non-profits like The Girl Scouts and the College Board. We believe passionate, talented people all working together smoothly yields awesome work that lets us come back and do it again tomorrow WITHOUT pulling 80-hour weeks, which is our one, desperately simple, goal in life.

Job Description:

On any given day you’ll be designing experiences for anything from a small microsite to a large-scale content-driven site to a mobile app to a touchscreen to be flown to be used at a music festival. You should be the kind of person that’s excited by such breadth of work. We lead and embrace each project from start to finish; meaning that you’ll be a part of product brainstorming, wireframing, UX problem solving, through visual design and QA. We are independent, hard working designers who collaborate and iterate. We share our work and internally critique and help each other put our best work out there.

This is a full-time position with benefits that will start off with a brief freelance period to assure it’s a good fit for all involved (negotiable). Compensation is competitive and commensurates with experience.

Our Ideal Teammate Is:

  • An web/interactive designer with at least 3 years of experience (we appreciate folks coming from a print design background, but this is not the place for someone who wants to be in the print/advertising world)
  • Fluent in Sketch, Photoshop and Illustrator (duh, do we even need to mention this?)
  • Familiar with prototyping tools (InVision, Webflow, etc)
  • Open to picking up new tools as they emerge
  • In possession of illustration skills (a tall order, but hey let us dream!)
  • Able to communicate professionally, both written and spoken English
  • Able to work on multiple projects at once. We work fast, we have lots of projects going on so you will be working on a few at the same time. Be a thriver of a fast-paced environment and have a “get shit done” mentality.
  • Someone with a deep love for making things happen. You’re not ok with sitting in the shadows and letting others make decisions. YOU make the decisions and you stand by them.
  • Someone with an eye (or two) for detail. You notice when a title is #7f7f7f when it should be #636363 and when that container is 4 pixels too wide.
  • In possession of a portfolio filled with great, thoughtful work that you can share with us. We are an interactive studio and your portfolio should show mostly web work.
  • You’re down with remote work. We’ve got offices in Manhattan, Bushwick and L.A. but we encourage working from home, from coffee shops, from wherever you feel most comfortable. We use video conferencing, Slack and a host of other tools to keep communication going online and still feel like a team. We love that we can all be in different parts of the country (or different countries) and still work together.

To Apply:

If you are interested, please apply with a resume, portfolio and introduction to [email protected] with the subject line “Hold On To Your Butts” to show that you’ve read this whole post. Bonus points if you include a GIF from the movie.

I’m a member of this shop and potentially your future teammate and not an HR professional so I encourage you to write me as such. If you need to use a four letter word to effectively express a previous engagement or an appropriately inappropriate metaphor to describe your ideal work environment I’ll take that over what you would think I typically “need to hear” in a job application.