“I don’t make a move in the digital or content marketing space without Sanborn.”
- Kathleen Pierce, SVP Global Communications, Clinique

Content Marketing Strategy & Execution

Content Marketing Strategy & Execution

Content marketing prioritizes the value of a piece of advertising to the consumer. It’s vital for today’s brands to have a viable content marketing strategy in place since younger generations are becoming impervious to traditional advertising.

At Sanborn, we help our clients to develop and execute content marketing campaigns that grow brand equity and increase customer acquisition. Our approach is guided by the following principles:

  1. Data drives good content

  2. Authenticity should be valued above all else

  3. Volume of content produced is crucial

Sanborn partners with brands at all stages of the content cycle. We strongly believe in starting small, running through several content cycles in a 6-12 month period, and then expanding your channels, formats, publish frequency/cadence, internal/external resources, and benchmarks.

Sanborn supports clients in the following ways:


  • Strategic Analysis
  • Workflow Establishment
  • Staffing
  • Branding
  • Establishment of KPIs


  • Content Production: Video, audio, infographics, design
  • Content Distribution: Social media strategy and consulting, native and branded content, display ads, enewsletters


  • Content Analytics
  • Trade News Reporting

We work with brands large and small, who have never dipped their toe into content marketing or are looking to refresh an old strategy. You can read more about our latest work below and please do contact us if you want to learn more.

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Content Marketing Work

We’ve worked on content marketing campaigns for some of the best brands in the world. Here are some of the latest.

Dan Brown Augmented Reality App and Social Management

Dan Brown's Inferno Content Marketing Campaign

Dan Brown came to us in 2013 when he was publishing his latest Robert Langdon book, Inferno. We rebuilt his website, danbrown.com, and created an augmented reality mobile app that interacted with the Inferno book cover. We also began supporting the management of Dan’s Facebook, which has a whopping 6.2 million followers. In 2014, we realized the potential to reach and engage new fans via Instagram, and began managing Dan’s Instagram account entirely.

Read the full Dan Brown case study here.

Clinique #WinkandaNod Campaign and Content Marketing Strategy Consulting

Clinique Content Marketing Site The Wink

When Clinique stepped into the content marketing space and launched their digital magazine The Wink, they brought us on to help with the launch and to shepherd them into the content marketing world. We’ve now worked with Clinique for two years on growing The Wink into a reliable (and well-loved, both internally and by readers) source of traffic and sales.

Read the full Clinique case study here.

Food 52 Native Advertising Video Series

Food52 Content Marketing & Native Advertising

Our friends at Say Media sold a very cool, lightweight native advertising video package to Proctor & Gamble to bolster their “Future Friendly” campaign. The piece, which appeared in full as a post on the uber-popular food52.com and in part as pre-roll ads elsewhere, showcases Food52’s Amanda Hesser and her attempts to bring locally sourced, sustainable virtues into her house and family. Spending a day in amazing Brooklyn Heights home of a food legend is almost as awesome as eating the leftover pancakes she made during the production.

Read the full Food 52case study here.

 Beyonce Parfums

Beyonce Content Marketing

Beyoncé Parfums is a brand within beauty and fragrance house COTY, who licenses Beyoncé’s image and name from her management company, Parkwood Entertainment. We worked with COTY and Parkwood to develop a social media strategy for Beyoncé Parfums on Facebook and Twitter, created all of the visual and copywritten materials, and acted as community management liaison.

Sweat4Vets Influencer Marketing Social Media Campaign

The producers of the indie film Kilo2Bravo came to us with a challenge: How do we do big budget movie promotion without a big budget? Sanborn created a social media campaign that rallied people behind veterans charities to promote the military-themed film. Influencers and ad buys were then leveraged to promote and amplify the effort.