Design Hackathon 3: Designing Travel Posters



The Sanborn design team performed a two-hour long design hackathon last month.

The goal? Create a travel poster that honors your hometown.

The rules?

Check out the stories below and click the images for the full-size posters!

edith design hackathon
My memories of growing up in Queens are all about the sidewalks and the brownstones that seemed to engulf everything around you. When you don’t have a backyard, they become your playground. I have vivid memories of playing hopscotch on stoops, and browsing corner bodegas for pure entertainment. The little toy dispensers outside the bodegas were the hot commodity, for which you saved up all your quarters. The subway was a big source of adventure as well, and going on the subway by yourself was the long awaited rite of passage. In my neighborhood we had the elevated train, so it was ever present, in ways that it’s really not in many other parts of the city.

jeffrey design hackathon
I grew up in Commack, a Long Island town about 45 miles east of New York City. For this project, I wanted to express the concept of suburbanization and represent what seems to be a typical American middle-class upbringing. I collected aerial and street photography from Google Earth and used a retro aesthetic as a tie-in to the late 70s urban sprawl that my parents took part in. Some local ‘landmarks’ are featured to further hit home the concept.

rebecca design hackathon
I spent part of my childhood in Madison, Wisconsin. Madison is the capital of Wisconsin. The centerpiece of downtown is the iconic 1917 Wisconsin State Capital building, which is the tallest building in the city and a really beautiful landmark. Madison is an isthmus (a strip of land surrounded by water) so I overlaid blue on an aerial photo of the capital to evoke the water. I then masked the photo with a geometrical pattern reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass windows (he was a Wisconsin native). Everyone in Madison wears red because they’re rabid UW Badgers fans. So I made the letters red to honor that UW pride.

anna design hackathon
I grew up in (what used to be) a suburb of Dallas. For this project, I wanted to incorporate a lot of what I think of when I think of Dallas without it feeling too country/western, which I think is what a lot of people’s conception of Dallas is. Keeping with my personal clean, modern aesthetic I incorporated typography with photos of my hometown in a collage of stylized outline of the state of Texas. The bullseye points to where the city is and the numbers are the coordinates of the house I grew up in.

mariana design hackathon
Like all Angelenos, my L.A. experience is made up a la choose your own adventure. Via the freeways and short drives in traffic. Hard to capture in 18 by 24 inches, instead I landed on a nostalgic poster of fading and evolving memories. Colored by rosy nostalgia and California sunsets. Topped off with Thomas Guide city streets, showing the endless adventure possibilities.