Sanborn – Experiential Marketing Agency

Sanborn – Experiential Marketing Agency

Experiential marketing can make your brand come alive for consumers, and Sanborn has been extending experiential marketing into the digital space since 2009. As an award-winning experiential agency, our focus is on creating digital experiences that are

  • Unique, fun, emotional, and engaging
  • Easily shareable
  • Reliable in all conditions

Our approach to experiential marketing often involves integrating with existing installations and activations. We are masters at making our digital experiential mesh with all the other elements of a successful experiential activation, whether for an event or for a specific installation. Typically we work with our clients to ideate and provide the digital expertise to amplify and enhance a traditional experiential activation.

Our experiential marketing capablities include:

  • Photo booths
  • Animated GIF / video booths
  • Kiosk based shopping
  • Digital contests and games
  • Social Walls
  • Sports experiential marketing
  • Custom experiential activations

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Cool Experiential Marketing Examples by Sanborn

Sprint Against an Olympian

experiential marketing for citi

Citi and Mojo PSG turned to Sanborn to come up with the digital portion of their “Rio on the Hudson” experiential marketing event that celebrated the Rio Olympics. Sanborn created a way for fans to capture the Olympic spirit in a more literal, interactive and physical way by allowing them to virtually sprint against Olympic champion runner, Allyson Felix.

Users raced head-to-head against Allyson down a 12.5 meter track flanked by a massive LED display. After a countdown signaled the race start, Allyson’s image darted across the LED wall in real time as challengers raced next to her on the parallel track. At the finish line, a sensor captured their race time and triggered a camera to snap a photo finish. The challenger then received a branded digital photo (via text or email) comparing their time with the Olympian’s that they could easily share.

Read the Rio on the Hudson experiential marketing case study.

Sephora Touchscreen Wall

experiential marketing for sephora

The Sephora tent has become known at music festivals as a reprieve from conditions out in the crowds. They typically offer attendees the coveted exfoliating masks, refresh bar, and makeup touchups to fight the summer heat, but at the Panorama Music Festival in NYC, we created a digital takeaway that would make an impact with Sephora’s fans.

Building upon their global ‘Beauty Uncomplicated’ campaign, we built an interactive touchscreen wall that led attendees to Sephora product recommendations by completing a statement about their Panorama experience. After seeing the recommendations on screen, attendees walked away with a socially-shareable copy of their statement and a tailored list of their products.

Star Trek Transporter Photo Booth App

Star Trek Transporter Photo Booth App

M•A•C has come to us with many experiential marketing requests – in-store kiosks, major product search applications, and this one…”We want to transport people in and out of the stores like in Star Trek!”

 In partnership with the new Star Trek TV Series, M•A•C Cosmetics asked us to create an iPad application for launch events around the world that would make fans disappear out of Transporter sets at promotional events.

Using the app, brand ambassadors take two videos, one while the person is being “transported to the surface” and another when they are “beamed up.” With a little magic and some smart coding we built an app that can be used anywhere, by anyone, to quickly create this clip and then email it to the customer.

 The experience premiered in a massive Starship Enterprise build at the San Diego Comic Con, and has been recreated at different events and in M•A•C stores around the world.

Read the full Star Trek Photobooth App case study here.

Shopping Kiosks at Coachella

H&M Shopping Kiosks at Coachella

Sanborn helped a world-wide retailer develop a kiosk-based shopping system for their experiential activation at Coachella over the last few years. Because the internet and power situation was variable, Sanborn built an entirely self-contained system to maintain the inventory, as well as a series of apps that allowed consumers to browse the collection and select items for purchase.

A custom back-of-house application was developed to guide employees through pulling the correct orders and marking them as purchased. Screens mounted above the registers displayed which orders were ready for pickup, eliminating both messy piles of merchandise and long checkout lines. No lines? At Coachella? Awesome.

Samsung Digital Graffiti Wall

Samsung Digital Grafitti Wall

During the 2015 Austin City Limits festival, Samsung hosted a series of experiential marketing activations around the city promoting their new line of products. One of those activation, a graffiti wall, featured two artists creating new artwork each day. Using Samsung Note and Edge smartphones, Sanborn created a digital activation that allowed attendees to create their own art that was digitally added to the graffiti wall. Two sets of large digital displays rotated through the submitted artwork letting the creations live within the same space as the physical creation.

Absolut LED Music Wall

Absolute LED Music Wall

Sanborn helped Absolut create an experiential marketing activation to launch it’s latest bottle at Coachella. With the primary Absolut bar located next to main stage of the festival, the interior of the tent was designed to reflect the new bottle’s look and feel.

 Sanborn created 10 interactive LED walls with light panels reacting to the music. Attendees could tap on the colored squares to change the colors that flashed on the LED panels. Tablets mounted within the walls displayed live feeds of social photos and video, promoted upcoming events in the Absolut tent, and displayed special “big reveals” throughout the day.

MAC Foundation Finder Kiosk

MAC Foundation Finder Kiosk

M•A•C constantly evolves their stores in traditional physical ways and also through incorporation of digital technologies. Sanborn helped M•A•C create a retail kiosk that helps customers find a foundation that best matches them based on questions about their preferences. Users could save or share their results easily by text or email. The experiential activation integrated seamlessly with the retail installations.

Read the full MAC Foundation Finder Kiosk case study here.

PayPal Instant Win Touch Screen Game

PayPal Spin and Win Kiosk

PayPal asked Sanborn to take their experiential marketing giveaway activation into the digital age at the Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco. The requirement was to give away the prizes in a random way, but with certainty that all sponsor prizes would be given out each day.

Sanborn created a touch screen card matching game that pitted participants against the clock. That digital game was integrated with a brain that generated random prizes within evenly-distributed time slots. The resulting application is a highly-controllable random prize distribution system. PayPal knew approximately when each prize will be won and had confidence that each prize would be given out during the event.

Bloomingdales’s Holiday Window Photo Booth

Bloomingdales's Holiday Window Surprise Photo Booth

Bloomingdale’s wanted to add some digital magic to their holiday window by letting passersby interact with their store’s classic “Big Brown Bag” through the window. Sanborn stepped in to bring the window to life. Utilizing a special interactive film that turns the store’s window into a big touchscreen. Visitors could use the window touchscreen to snap a photo of themselves, which was then displayed on the digital monitor in the window. Users could share their photo by visiting a mobile site on their phone or by entering an email.

Microsoft Light Writing Photo Booth

Microsoft Long-Exposure Photo Booth

Microsoft wanted to promote their cloud storage product OneDrive by having consumers use it at Coachella. What better way to get thousands of people onto the service than by using it to host their photo creations! Sanborn created a completely blacked-out room inside of the OneDrive tent and handed festival goers tiny LED lights. After snapping their photo with a flash, they had 10 seconds of long exposure in the dark to create just about anything they could think up with the LEDs. After reviewing their photo on touchscreen kiosks, they could enter their email address to receive a direct link to their photo on OneDrive.

Read about the Microsoft Long-Exposure Photo Booth in our case study.

PayPal Animated GIF Photo Booth

PayPal Animated GIF Photo Booth

PayPal brought their brand to life using experiential marketing at the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco. Face paint, temporary tattoos, digital games, and of course, an animated GIF photo booth that Sanborn created. A touchscreen camera made it easy and quick to create the animated GIF—a countdown timer led attendees through six pictures. The images were then compiled into an animated GIF, complete with branded PayPal & Outside Land overlay. Photos were automatically sent to touchscreen share stations where participants could retrieve their photo and share on social media.

DKNY Global Fragrance Launch

DKNY Global Fragrance Launch

DKNY’s experiential marketing team turned to Sanborn to create an interactive web presence that also tied into a live event promoting their new fragrance. The result was an immense website that took visitors from around the world and helped them create a customized “MYNY Digital Heart,” a collage of their favorite elements of iconic NY scenes.

On the day the fragrance was released, Sanborn brought the site to life in the heart of New York City.

 We took the MYNY site and seamlessly integrated it into an experiential activation. Photographers snapped photos of attendees as they waited in line for exclusive giveaways. The photos were wirelessly transmitted to a “MYNY Bus Stop” where touchscreen stations allowed users to share their MYNY Heart on social media. A wall of continuously updating monitors displayed the hearts in real time from both the launch event and others from around the world.

Delta Photo Hunt Game

Delta Photo Hunt Game

Sanborn helped Delta’s experiential marketing team extend their ‘Night Before The Oscars’ party event into the digital space. First, we provided a digital look inside Delta’s new Business Elite service, giving the on-site flight attendant a visual tool to help explain the service. Sanborn also created a large format touchscreen “spot the difference” photo hunt game that featured Delta destinations. Our prize management system allowed instant winners to be selected at specific intervals.

Family Feud Game

Family Feud Game

Sanborn brought the classic game show Family Feud to life for a major annual publishers’ meeting. We recreated the popular family show by replicating the iconic scoreboard on a 30’ x 11’ digital projection screen, giving it the same larger than life feel. For the podium, we recreated the look and feel all the way down to the ‘smash’ buttons sitting atop chrome columns. 

Our software seamlessly managed the scores and questions. Our host, actual past-Family Feud host John O’Hurley, even commented that it was nicer than the real thing. We’ve had that theme song stuck in our head ever since.

StubHub Festival Playlist Kiosk

StubHub Festival Playlist Kiosk

StubHub’s experiential marketing team wanted to promote music ticket sales at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. Sanborn worked with Stubhub to create interactive touchscreen kiosks that let users create custom playlists of music from Bonnaroo artists. Once the playlist was complete, the attendee could email the tracks as mp3’s directly to their phone.

Women’s Health Twitter Mirror

Women's Health Twitter Mirror

Women’s Health turned to Sanborn to help to capture that post run glow at their nation wide 10k races. Sanborn created a kiosk and tablet software to snap a photo and automatically post it to the user’s Twitter account. The post links back to the branded online gallery where users can share on other social platforms.

Cosmo Fun Fearless Female in Times Square

Cosmo Fun Fearless Female in Times Square

When Cosmo wanted to announce their “Fun Fearless Female” campaign in the digital space, they turned to Sanborn. We created a website that integrated users into a Cosmo photo shoot using their connected Facebook account. To promote the site, Cosmo extended the experience to Times Square, New York. Sanborn lit up the largest screen in Times Square and featured worldwide fans (and those at Times Square) who were using the site on the big screen.

H&M Pop Up Shop Hack Experience

H&M Pop Up Shop Hack Experience

How do you promote a pop up shop for a clothing line inspired by a hacker? Setup a site that’s just begging to be hacked. Well, not the site exactly, but the store itself. Sanborn helped H&M create a “guided” hack of their new clothing line for the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie.

Once users had “hacked” into the site, they could watch the security feeds in the store, and interact with customers by putting their faces on the mannequins. Photos of their faces in the store could be shared on social media or email.

Read our full case study here.