Experiential Marketing Examples: Our Favorite Activations



Experiential marketing is a blanket term that covers everything from handing out hotdogs at a car dealership to projection mapping video games on a water fall. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite experiential marketing examples, including our own work, and some of the awesome activations that have inspired us along the way.

MINI – Fan the Flame

Here’s an oldie but still a great digital experiential marketing example. MINI created an insurance company’s worst nightmare by tying a car to a rope, hanging it on an incline and setting up a social-media controlled lighter to slowly burn through that rope. Participants queued up on Facebook, and when it was their turn they got to try to burn the rope. The lucky participant who lit the lighter for the final burn through the rope won the car.

The 007 In You

From flash mobs to guerilla marketing, the idea of showing up somewhere unexpected and treating the public to a surprise show is no longer very surprising in 2016. But when it’s done well, it can still be an effective and engaging experience. For this activation, Coke Zero set up a digital ticket vendor that asked users to run from one end of a crowded train station to another, dodging all kinds of obstacles along the way, in order to prove their inner super-spy. Those who finished in under 70 seconds won tickets to the upcoming film. This piece turned users into participants and all we can say is… I wish I had been there.

Rio on the Hudson

Ever wanted to race against an Olympian? Our friends over at MojoSPG asked Sanborn to bring this olympic event to life, by adding a technical twist to an LED wall display. While the games went on in Rio, we helped set up a sprinting track on a pier on NYC’s Hudson River. The track used a motion sensing rig to track users’s time racing against Gold Medalist Allyson Felix. Each participant’s record could be shared via social media or email once their photo finish was captured.

Google: Bay Area Impact Challenge

With the explosion of new hardware and software services over the past few years, the the ability to integrate digital and physical objects has never been easier. Google proved this via an incredible yet still simple experiential marketing activation that turned seemingly normal posters into an interactive digital voting platform.

Misereor – The Social Swipe

We love simple, and Misereor’s donation activation brings physical and digital interactivity together in a beautifully simple way. While the digital integration of merging a card reader with dual screen video playback is incredibly complex, they made it visually stunning and physically easy, creating an experience that tells a story, drives interest and fuels engagement.

Lite Write Digital Photobooth

experiential marketing examples light write

Photo booth experiential marketing activations are a popular option for creating social content at events. While a simple photo is enough to draw in crowds, reinforcing brand and product is invaluable. For OneDrive, Microsoft’s consumer cloud storage product, we did both. The photo itself featured a 15 second exposure, light-writing capture, which the participants uploaded using our touchscreen stations to OneDrive. From there, they were able to share across social platforms, giving the participants and their followers a first hand experience with OneDrive.

WestJet Christmas Miracle

Doing good during the holidays is an easy and sure way to bring a tear of joy to everyone. But doing so in a surprising and unique way is difficult. While many opt for cliché gimmicks, WestJet nailed it with a digital activation that had flyers interacting with Santa himself. Doing the seemingly impossible and improbably generous they lit up the holiday season for weary travelers.

Star Trek Transporter App

experiential marketing examples star trek

Even non Trek’ies know what a transporter is, and have dreamed of traveling great distances in the blink of an eye. While we have yet to perfect the actual transporter, we can make it LOOK like you were transported off the pad and then back again. For MAC Cosmetic’s launch of a specialty product line, we created a life size transporter, which enabled you to take a short video of yourself being transported in and out of the Starship Enterprise, which you could share with friends and family.

How You Can Do Experiential Marketing

If this is your first look into the world of experiential marketing it can seem daunting and complex. Fear not—that’s where we come in.

If you’d like to get started on your own experiential marketing campaign or activation, we do more than just concept. We design, we code, we build, and most importantly, we jump into the trenches with you. Ensuring that the execution is as beautiful as the concept and that you aren’t left trying to troubleshoot the unexpected.

We love building experiential activations, so let us know how we can help you.

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