Inadvertent Green Screen



And sometimes…our office becomes temporarily suspended in a vacuum of iterative Photoshopping for the sake of iterative Photoshopping (an occupational hazard at an interactive agency…where everyone knows how to use Photoshop but some people REALLY know how to use Photoshop.)

Today that candle was lit when I (Chris Sanborn) sent a photo (for no real good reason) to the company of Paul Jaffre, Edith Levin and Wesley Poer sitting in a waiting room at The Girls Scouts of the USA office.


Because the Girl Scouts have a natural affinity for the color green, their waiting room is painted a delightfully rich shade of it. In fact, as our technical director Jeff Hampton noticed…it made for a perfect green screen (whereby one, if so inclined, can do a find-and-replace on that color and swap in a different background.)

So the call went out….


And within 8 minutes we had…


Moments later we had…


And so on and so forth…


We even had a video.


A while back we even created a whole tumblr just to archive the more epic ‘shops of people at the factory…and if you want to know why it’s called Juicy Jakebook…apply for a job, get it…and we’ll let you know (trade secret). Or just ask Jake Simms.