Producers Are Helpful…Sometimes



Producers. They are a tricky bunch.

The producer’s job (at least here at Sanborn Media Factory) is to do two things:

Account Management – Talking to clients, getting requirements, agreeing to scope of work, setting budgets and timelines…and then when the project gets off in the air…they keep it on track and running smoothly vis-a-vis the client and their expectations.

Project Management – Communicating all of the above to the designers, developers, video editors and other staff here who physically do the design, coding, cutting, etc. that results in the end product.

A good producer will protect his team (and his client) from the bears in the forest that can befall any project (impossible deadlines, feature creep, miscommunication, to name just a few). Every designer, developer, video editor…will inevitably…at some point…take a pass on assuming positive intent and instead conjure an image in their head of what their producer is REALLY doing all day.

This…is a live action video representation of what those dark fears look like (as acted by the team of producers at Sanborn Media Factory). Enjoy.