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Sanborn is a team of designers, developers, and producers, hard at work to create fluid websites, dynamic apps, high-quality videos, and incredible live experiences. But what really makes our work click are the personalities of those individuals. Get to know us a bit better at Roll Call:

Anna was born in Sweden, raised in Texas but eventually ended up settling down in New York. Her background is very varied working at an African-American dating site ( a well-known comedy site (, a wine site ( and now at Sanborn to stay. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, her baby boy Gibson, and her puppy, appropriately named Pixel. She has the music taste of a 13-year-old-girl as well as the movie taste of a 13-year-old-girl so lets just not talk about that.

What is your most memorable “that’s why I work here” moment?

Last year I had a baby, and while I was pregnant I had so many questions in my head of what I was going to do once the baby was born. Would I have to put him in daycare? Would I have to quit the job I love to take care of him? Fast forward to after my maternity leave and our new remote-work policy has been firmly in place, I get to work from home and not miss out on seeing my little dude every day, without sacrificing the job I’ve had and loved for 3 and a half years. The remote work policy lets us all travel, experience awesome things, grow our families but still have this awesomely creative, engaging and challenging work environment that we don’t have to give up to do these things with our lives.

That Time Gray was Doing his Laundry

Anna (top left), Dan, Heayeon, and Livia catch Chris Gray doing his laundry during roll call.

What has been your strangest remote work location?

I worked alongside taking care of my dad, in Dallas, right after having a liver transplant surgery last year.

What’s your favorite project you’ve ever worked on at SMF? Why?

Last year we created a mobile game for the Girl Scouts which was a part of their new online cookie selling platform. We were given a few guidelines on what the overarching goals of the game would be, but it was pretty much free-reign for us to create whatever we wanted. I had never designed a game before so that was just once of many challenges that I had to learn, personally. We sketched, wireframed, prototyped, my husband composed the music for it, Livia and I got to record sound effects and voiceover for it, our badass developer Jeff created it with code that can only be called magic (it was not an app, so everything was web-based which is amazing) and even got to QA it with a group of adorable girls from the NYC Upper East Side troop.


I got to do a lot of things in the course of that project that I’ve never done before including creating the concept of an actual game, designing the interface and gameplay and having a live QA.

How many Fireball shots?

As many as you want! Who would ever question how many!?!?


Schrack moved to Minnesota; Dan B moved to Idaho; Ace and Edith moved to San Diego, etc… Where would you go?

Someplace with less cold than Minnesota, less potatoes than Idaho, and less earthquakes than San Diego.

List all the SMF employees that you could beat up.

Livia and Parker. Though we would probably end up in less of a brawl and more of a pow-wow of blonde-ness.

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Why is day? Who am I?

Because it is not night. You can be whoever you want to be! Unless you live in a communist country.