Sanborn Hackathon!


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A Hackathon looks a lot like an average day at work—developers quietly coding, designers spending hours scrolling through Pinterest, and producers desperately searching for someone, anyone, to have a meeting with.

But behind that facade of normalcy, hides creative juices and competitive drive. All those quiet folks hunched over their screens are feeling the pressure and joy of solving a unique problem on a 5 hour deadline… with only their bare hands and iron will to get them through. (And their laptops.)

The Challenge:


Create Something Better Than Pokemon Go (some kind of GPS app/game)

The Rules:


You are allowed to come into the Hackathon with a predetermined idea. You are not allowed to work on the idea beforehand, but you can use libraries and frameworks available on github or some other platform. You can also use a framework you developed but you have to make the framework publicly accessible and share it with the rest of the company. No design should be done outside the Hackathon times.

The Judge:


After the presentations are over, Chris Sanborn will judge you.

So, what happened?

Lots of pretty incredible stuff. Here are the projects that came out the other side:



Team Kraken wowed us all with their Krakagotchi app, a fresh take on Tomagotchi’s, which remain near and dear to many of our childhood memories. Inspired by the Kraken, this mobile app is all about developing your own personal tentacled sidekick. By visiting different landmarks around the city, pulled in from Yelp’s database, you can feed and develop your Krakagotchi’s basic needs, and become best friends with the monster. Just don’t bring Krakagotchi near any large seafaring vessels.

TeamKen_Mockup copy


Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 10.53.56 AM

An app about as random as its name, Randoji was developed by Team Wörk to solve the millennial’s troubled dating app scene. It does so by first pairing you with a random person in your geographic region, then asking you a random question that you react to with an emoji that you feel is the best fit. If you and another person respond with the same emoji, the app patches you through to a live video chat with that person on appear.inGive it a try yourself! You’ll probably match with Bleck every time.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 10.53.34 AM


Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 12.21.20 PM

Some of us got spooky, as Team Ferdinand dove into the world of text based thrillers with a prototype for a mobile game called Dusk. A post-apocalyptic survivor game, players spend daylight wandering around the real world searching for materials, much like searching for Pokemon in Pokemon GO. When dusk arrives, it’s time for the player to hunker down for the night and hold off the baddies. The rest of the night you experience true helpless terror as you receive status updates on the well-being of your character. Will you survive the night?

Kraken Bingo! Kraingo!

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 12.56.51 PM

Another Team Kraken team-up was Kraingo, a Bingo inspired game that awards a number each time someone checks in to their work location. A solid way for the company to compete to be more punctual with their checkouts. If you win you get to ride a Kraken.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 12.56.14 PM

Bolty Worky Tracky

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 12.33.03 PM

The ultimate winner of the Hackathon is the Bolty Worky Tracky. A product of Team Butter, the interactive site keeps track of the locations of Sanbornians in their remote work adventures across the world, through an integration with the Slack API. With people now stretching from LA to Prague, it’s always fun for us to know where our coworkers are at any time of day, and to encourage us to get out and take advantage of our remote work policy, the site gives points to those who are most mobile.