SEO Best Practices Part 3: Measuring SEO


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If you haven’t read the first two parts in this series on SEO best practices, check out our post on finding the best keywords for SEO and crafting content for SEO.

Measuring SEO

Once you have your content up, you should measure it against your keywords to see if they’re effective. There a few key tools to monitor your efforts.

Google Webmaster Tools

When you launch a new site, Google Webmaster Tools should be the first place you visit. After setting up and submitting your site, Google will start indexing and analyzing it. After it collects enough data, it offers some useful insights.

The “Links to Your Site” page shows you where your backlinks are coming from, where they’re going, and what anchor text they’re using.

google webmaster tools seo research

They also show you how many pages are indexed, and if there are any crawl or sitemap errors.

google webmaster tools seo research

A search analytics section gives you detailed metrics such as SERP rank and CTR. It also shows you all the keywords that users are finding you with. This is a good place to look for keywords that you might not have thought of initially.

google webmaster tools seo research

Google Analytics

GA now has a “search console” page that has some useful reports. The landing page report mixes impressions with CTR and SERP position. There’s also a queries page. This data is the same as that in Google Webmaster Tools, except here you can use the powerful data manipulation and visualization tools in GA.

google analytics tools seo research

The referral sources is also a good report. It will show you how much traffic you’re getting from all your sources.

google analytics tools seo research

SERP Position Tracking

There are two services that will help you track your SERP rank, Moz and SEMRush. You can enter the keywords that you want to track, and these services will continually track where you rank for them. You can also track your rank versus your competitors on SEMRush.

semrush tools seo research

A good SEO strategy incorporates regular monitoring and tweaking of your content. Typically your rankings change when new sites outrank you or Google changes their algorithm. Again, a good way to consistently rank well is simply to write good, relevant, content.

Making SEO Best Practices Work For You

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