The Core Tour



The heart and soul of Sanborn Media Factory is the people who work here. Our Core team is the largest collection of Factory workers in a single space, and we decided to take a democratic approach to the office’s decor when we moved here in late 2013. From “sparse, abandoned hospital” to “Pottery Barn window display,” there were plenty of varied ideas for the look and feel of the new space. The result is an eclectic mix that reflects all of us—both the differences that make us unique, and the similarities that make us Factorians.


Corners of Core

This wall can’t talk, but it still says a lot. One of the newest additions to the office are the House Rules (accompanied by a life-sized cutout of Josh‘s face).

(Thankfully we haven’t heard anyone say that they’ll be an asshole yet—breaking Rule #3 while holding fast to Rule #2 —which, according to Ace, would rip a hole in the space-time continuum… but we’ll let you know if/when that happens.)


This awesome red fan almost didn’t survive last year’s move to the new space. She pays back our indifference by seemingly moving herself around the office at whim. Lately she’s been hanging out by the kitchen, befriending our remaining guests from the Halloween party.



The couch area is probably the best (read: softest) part of the office. Some of us are BIG fans of chevrons. We might say it’s a good place to sit if you want to forget you’re at work, but Factorians love what they do, and therefore never want to forget they’re at work. So far only one employee has accidentally fallen asleep over here, which is a damn near miracle.



Just because every employee has a desk doesn’t mean we have to stay parked there all day long. In addition to the couch area, we have several stand up desks and other flat surfaces that can become a desk at a moment’s notice.




Dynamic Desks

Everyone’s desk portrays their personality somehow—and whether they’re on the design, dev or producer team. You can click on each image to see whose desk it is!

desk-livia desk-gray
Greg O Lauren



Ping Pong, O’Reilly, Flamingos and Jing, These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

We think these speak for themselves… and if you have to ask, you’ll never know.




An Office With a View

The 2014 Office Trend of the Year is definitely succulents. Mini succulents.



From our office we have views of the Hudson, East River, and the tops of a few bridges. We see organized protests fairly regularly, but even more beautiful sunsets. Here’s a view down Broadway to New York Harbor.



We also have a gorgeous view of City Hall and City Hall Plaza out the East-facing windows. One time we saw a naked guy hanging out the window of the historic Park Row Building across the street.



It’s been a fun first year of settling in, and you can be sure that 2015 will bring even more flavor to the Core decor. Sanborn is a company that’s flexible, progressive, and always adapting, and our workspace is no exception!