The Sanborn Design Angels



In the year of 2012, the most elite team of superdesigners ever formed, were assembled at SMF. These four women have dedicated their lives to fighting design crime and the forces of evil kerning, guided by their mysterious boss who only shows his face through a tiny box, Mister Hazzard. Read on to learn about each of the special skills the Angels bring to the table.

Mister Hazzard
aka Cris
When asked to comment on this interview, all we heard from the device was, “This message will self-destruct in 3… 2… 1…”

Miss Möbile
aka Anna
Hailing from the dark forests of Scandinavia, Miss Möbile comes prepared to tackle any project on any mobile device. She goes where little designers have dared to brave. No button hit areas under 72 pixels here. Retina ready? Always. Pixel-perfect? Of course. With years of IOS and Android research, she comes with clean design and crisp details that will stun the most evil of opponents.

The Vector Vixen aka Edith
Vector Vixen was born to a professional hi-res retoucher and was recruited into the magical world of Photoshop (and used as a gratis pen tool slave) at a very young age. Vectoring and silhouetting is her zen place. Smooth even curves is her mantra. Zoomed in and at full screen is where she commonly resides. Break her concentration and be prepared to pay the price.

The Tattooed Typographer aka Sharmini
Leading, kerning and everything to do with tracking. These were the ingredients chosen to make the perfect type nerd. But then she not so accidentally got a bunch of tattoos and discovered linocuts. Thus the Tattooed Typographer was born. Using her ultra super powers, she has dedicated her life to judging you based on your bad tattoos, choice of fonts and ability to be a decent human being. (Also, if you have missed the amazing homage this is to the Powerpuff Girls, you have failed in life, my friend.)

The Pixel in Practice aka Anna Jr.
The youngest pixel of them all, the Pixel in Practice stumbled into the world of design only recently. Using her detail oriented powers she works on projects one pixel at a time, and takes over the other weakling pixels to grow and become a professional superdesigner. Young, but not at all frail, you never know what move she will make next, so be ready for anything.