This Week’s Need To Know: Digital Dollars Edition



You like Conversions? try this. 

Did you know that conversions matter? Do you want to have a lucrative and merry Christmas? If so, you may want to dedicate some more time and budget towards conversion rate optimization (CRO). This article has some great tips to get you started on your path towards earning those steak knives. And when you are ready for the Cadillac, give a shout and we’ll chat about how we can help.

digital AD dollars BEAT TV SPENDING

Global digital ad spending finally surpassed TV ad spend. This makes sense given digital is much more versatile in targeting and tracking ROI. It’s expected that this gap will grow even wider, but TV spend will still hang around mostly due to live events like sports, award shows, and elections. 

bitcoin is going nuts and the first bitcoin billionaires have been crowned.

Bitcoin continued it’s meteoric rise this week, climbing all the way up to $19k before settling down at around $16k currently. You probably didn’t benefit much from this but the Winklevoss twins did, good thing too because they really needed more money. Let’s just hope that Zuckerberg will find a way to steal their Bitcoin too.

Things are only going to get wilder as the heavy hitters gear up for futures markets to open starting next week. Expect more fluctuations and volatility in the market as traders try to capitalize on the crypto craze.

look at us, we like each other. 

Sanborn had its annual company holiday party last evening and nobody accidentally bullwhipped themselves. Great success! Seriously though, while we value our remote work posture, we’ve learned that it’s really important to get together face-to-face with co-workers at events like these and we are thankful to the Sanborn partners for bringing us all together.