This Week’s Need to Know: Copycats, Clickbait, and Trekkies!






Finally some technology that makes our lives better. Facebook is updating their anti-clickbait algorithm to help identify and hide articles based on the clickbait-y-ness of their titles. The algorithm works on the post and page level, so pages will see visibility of all of their content diminish if most of their posts are clickbait, while pages posting a majority of authentic content will see better results. Facebook won’t release the official criteria, but we like to think the scale runs from “American Journal of Medicine” to ““.



Google unveiled a preview of their expanded AMP program, which presents users with AMP-boosted mobile search results beyond the top stories section. The AMP Project originated as an open source solution for slow-loading pages on mobile–which leads to high bounce rates–which lead to sorrow and tears. Allowing these results beyond the top stories gives less-known websites an incentive to harness this technology, and a little more recognition in the search list with a little AMP symbol next to their content.



This week Instagram unveiled their new Stories feature, which is best explained as “exactly like the Snapchat Stories feature.” They didn’t even try to change the name…because why bother? We have two theories here: 1) It’s a convenience play to keep Instagram’s 300 million daily users from moving over to Snapchat for a feature that could really live in either platform, or 2) It’s another chapter in Zuckerberg’s continued campaign of terror to destroy Snapchat by building another Snapchat. Either way, the real loser here is my mom, who up until this week thought she finally understood social media, but now she doesn’t anymore. Sorry, Mom.



Daily fantasy games are legal again in New York. This is great news for those of us that are tired of limiting our gambling to the lottery, doped-up horses, or that weird casino-ish place in Yonkers! And even if you hate extra tax revenue, take solace in knowing that there will be more material for John Oliver.



Our live crew got a chance partner with MAC and Star Trek to put on a little something at Comic Con this year. The installment included a recreation of the iconic Star Trek Transporter and a fun little app that stitches together video and graphics to let you transport your friends somewhere (presumably a planet filled with hostile aliens) and back. The obvious highlight of the weekend was when Nichelle Nichols stopped by to give our Transporter a whirl…and all of our Trekkie coworkers’ heads exploded simultaneously.