This Week’s Need to Know: How Not to Instabrag



Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and wife Louise Linton flew down to Kentucky to discuss saving stupidly rich people money “tax reform” with Mitch McConnell. Linton ‘grammed a glamour shot of herself en route via government jet, replete with tags for the designers of her overpriced outfit (Hermes, Roland Mouret, Tom Ford and Valentino). When one astute commenter questioned the appropriateness of the post, Linton justified her bragging by saying that she paid a lot in taxes. Linton then implied that the commenter was a mere commoner and urged her to go eat cake watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones because it was fabulous. Linton has been accused of lying about her experiences in the past so at least she’s making progress on the veracity front—the latest episode is indeed fabulous.


Sanborn’s Creative Director, Edith Levin, was recently profiled by Top Interactive Agencies. Edith details our approach to design and also provides some personal insights. The TLDR summary is that one achieves UX perfection when there is nothing left to take away and that Edith enjoys hummus.