This Week’s Need to Know: RNC? DNC? OMG, NBD!



Hillary Clinton


President Obama has certainly set the bar for presidential social media outreach, but Hillary Clinton is already giving him a run for his money. As the DNC kicked off earlier this week, her team first released Trump Yourself, a microsite that imports your Facebook photos and allows you to overlay some choice Trump quotes, including FAT PIG and WOMEN ARE “ALWAYS GRIPING AND BITCHING.” Lovely! But she really took it to the next level with her Kim Kardashian-style “Hillary 2016” app, which gamifies campaigning for her by giving users daily points for completing IRL assignments. The next election will all take place within a game of SIMS.

Apple Car


People have been murmuring about iCars for years, and there is word that Apple is aiming for a 2020 release of their automotive product. This week, Apple hired Dan Dodge (yes that is his real last name), former head of BlackBerry Ltd.’s automotive software division, to lead what Apple has dubbed “Project Titan.” Many see his hiring as evidence that Apple is shifting away from developing an automobile (they may simply buy an existing car company—but of course!) in favor of self-driving technology. But tbh, Apple, as long as we can use the car to play Pokemon Go, we don’t really care what else it does.

Wells Fargo Community MVP Contest


What’s better than getting outside, kicking a ball, and getting some exercise? Being the person who makes that happen for a community—whether that community is a diverse crew of local families, or refugee boys who need support and some fun times. MLS came to us to help build their Community MVP Contest site, which gave users the power to vote for MVPs from around the country who were out making a difference in their community. With a responsive design, flawless voting system, and some slick visuals, we are proud to have helped make that happen.




Earlier this week, Verizon announced that it had reached a deal to purchase Yahoo for a cool $4.83 billion. Yahoo, which has been an independent company since its inception 22 years ago, bought microblogging social platform Tumblr in 2013 and owns photo-sharing giant Flickr. Verizon also purchased AOL last year. Maybe this is just a giant corporate game of Pokemon Go… where the companies are the Pokemon… wait is that the second Pokemon joke we’ve made in this email!? …whatever.


Armadillo & Co


Want to see something really prettyyy? And functionallll? Check out Armadillo&Co’s new website! Armadillo&Co came to us with an unresponsive site with a clunky CMS and a separate Shopify site. When we saw the quality and design of their rugs, it was clear they needed a site that matched those same standards. We performed a complete redesign that not only showcased their product but provided a user friendly CMS, responsive design, and integrated shopping experience in one place.


Fire Ant


Have you noticed lately, when scrolling through the social feeds of politicians—and the internet in general—that there seem to be a lot of comments with just the words… spicy boys? We did, so we decided to do some truly investigative journalism like this newsletter has never before seen. Here’s the scoop: in late June, a petition was filed to “Rename Fire Ants to Spicy Boys!!!” Hard hitting stuff, people. But from there, things truly got out of control: a “call to spam” was issued, urging users to comment spicy boi on Hillary Clinton’s Instagram account. The message eventually made it to 4chan, the famous nesting ground of Anonymous raids. And so, just like a concrete pool deck in summer, the internet has been taken over by spicy boys. #TheMoreYouKnow