This Week’s Need to Know: The Internet’s Best Self



This week the internet definitively proved that its greatest purpose is crowd-sourced Photoshopping. First we were treated 47 pages of responses to this couple’s request to remove a shirtless man from their engagement photos. Then the internet encored with these elegantly ‘shopped Chris Christie memes followed by these Mike Pence gaffe riffs. Bravo, internet. Bravo.


President Trump spent more time on Twitter, first mocking Mika Brzezinski’s cosmetic surgery and then posting a video of himself body slamming a man with a face that bears a striking resemblance to the CNN logo. The bodyslam tweet was his most retweeted message of all time, priming Americans for a Trump/The Rock battle in 2020. Happy birthday, America!


Speaking of flawed and bigoted humans, they tend to be very vocal about their beliefs online and as such, these traits are getting passed down to AIs designed to learn from us.  Microsoft’s “Zo” chatbot iteration is the latest victim of the well-vocalized idiot population. We’ve arrived at such a strange crossroads where we need to find a meaningful way to inject certain morality into these machines OR we can just stop flaming and trolling and practice tolerance and acceptance. I wouldn’t hold out any hope for the latter.