This Week’s Need to Know: Why VR Is Dumb, Part 172



There is a subset of the human population that I️ have studied and subsequently dubbed “AHE,” which stands for “All Humans Everywhere,” that includes 100% of the people living on this planet who just do not like VR at all because, you know, it makes you physically sick and isolates you from the world around you in the most visceral and awkward ways. I don’t think the AHE is going to like Hollywood’s latest attempt to disrupt how we watch movies (by letting you watch a pre-release of a film from your couch via a VR headset such that it feels like you’re in a movie theater). No word yet on whether they will mimic an extremely tall guy sitting in front of you or a bratty kid kicking your chair. Go home VR. You’re drunk…and no one likes you.


This one has nothing to do with technology or design but everything to do with using foul language and good/bad PR so I therefore deem it fascinating. New York City MTA Chairman Joe Lhota was caught on a hot mic dropping an F-bomb during a meeting where you’re not supposed to be dropping F-bombs. Specifically he said, “As if I don’t have enough f–king problems,” at the suggestion of creating working groups to try to solve the MTA’s problems. When asked about it later he reportedly just shrugged and said, “that sounds like me.” Now…people hate the MTA…but I guarantee you every straphanger reading that NY Post story gave Lhota an A for the day with that one. Red tape amiright? #fugetaboutit.


That’s it. It’s real and terrifying and if you left the safety of your home today you’ve made a grave mistake and should go right home and lock the door and not come out for some time.


This week the House passed a bill mandating that all government websites be mobile-friendly. It passed unanimously which is good because mobile phones are kind of a thing now. Also a win because of a reason you might not consider off the bat but which is an important fact we’ve learned working with non-profits like EHTP. Low income communities are more likely to have a smartphone in the house than a computer because pound for pound they are still cheaper. The bill will only make it easier for those who need government information the most to have better access to it. See? Our elected officials can make a smart, no-brainer decision where there is clearly only one right answer if you let them! Haters!


Deep in his field research for a PhD dissertation on “How to Use Social Media To Needlessly Sever Your Own Head,” the press (yes…press) secretary for NY Mayor Bill De Blasio went out of his way to deem Chicago’s deep dish pizza better than New York’s unstupidly less deep and much tastier pizza. Needless to say the backlash was punishing but this poor guy doubled down with, “I’ve lived in NYC for 12+ years. The flat, foldable, salt-less pizza is fine. I eat a lot of it. But it’s not as good as Chicago pizza. It’s like Salisbury steak vs. actual steak. Sorry.” I will fight this jabroni in the street if I see him and I encourage you all to do likewise. #uff #marone