Using GA Goals To Measure Conversions



Setting up a goal within Google Analytics is a great way to track conversion rates for completed site activities and also allows you to compare these rates across various marketing channels. You can learn all about goals directly from big brother right here, but let’s go through a real-world use case for additional context.

Let’s say you are running a marketing campaign aimed to get users to sign up for a newsletter. Part of this campaign involves surfacing a subscribe interstitial on the front-end of your site.

You know you will want to track the number of subscribes through this interstitial, so you will likely first set up a GA event (a code snippet that tracks certain user actions—your code might look something like this).

Google Analytics Code

But you aren’t done because you still want to compare those subscribe numbers to the number of impressions it took to get them. If it’s taking you ten million impressions to get ten new subscribers, this might not be the most effective approach. Goals can help with this analysis and here is how to set up a goal around the event you just created:

  1. Login to your GA property, hit the admin tab and then select goalsGoogle Analytic Goals
  2. Select +new goalAdd New Goal
  3. For goal setup, you will want to select custom and then continueCustom Goal Setup
  4. For goal description, choose the event option and then continueChoose Event Option
  5. Goal details is where you will enter the conditions for the event that you created. In this case, all we needed to enter was the category but you can add on actions/values/etc. to create a goal that involves a longer chain of behavior (the goal will only be achieved if all added conditions are met).Enter Goal Details

You’ll soon have access to useful data in the conversions column of your reports (it might take a day or so for GA to start reporting the data). From here, you can start running different reports to determine which campaigns, sources, channels, pages, etc. have the highest conversion rates.

For example, here we are comparing whether the interstitial is more effective with users coming into the site from Facebook vs. those that come in through Business Insider.

Goal Insights

Insights you will gain with goals can be really valuable when determining where to put marketing dollars. Now go forth and convert.