This Week’s Need to Know: A Bunch Of Crazy Computer Stuff



Bill Gates Facebook

Facebook Workplace, which is Facebook’s version of Slackwill soon be available to businesses for free (like Slack is now). If you use Facebook Workplace, keep your eyes open for fake company news. Some fake news highlights from our Facebook Workplace account are “Chris Sanborn Gets Christmas Gifts From Kim Jong-un” and “Cris Hazzard Rubs Cabbage In His Armpits As Deodorant.”



So, I have something I need to tell you. Don’t get upset, but your last Uber driver might have murdered someone. Don’t worry though, it was years ago, I’m sure it’s water under the bridge. Over 8,000 Uber and Lyft drivers in Massachusetts have been pulled off the roads after failing state background checks that uncovered felonies, sex offenses, and driving offenses in their pasts. Uber and Lyft, who only dig 7 years back on their background checks, cried that it was unfair. I’m sure Lyft will get over it. They just received an additional $500m in funding. It’s amazing how quickly you can get over things when someone gives you $500m.



So many people come up to me and say “Cris, I have all this free time, and I want to watch more TV, WAY more TV. So what can I do?” Now I have an answer. YouTube TV went live this week. If you’re in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, or San Francisco, and have $35/month, you can get (and cloud DVR) about 50 channels. It’s great news for those who want to cut the cord on their cable subscriptions. Unless the cable companies just raise their internet rates.



The (mostly mobile) Android operating system overtook Windows as the internet’s most used operating system. What that really means is that more and more folks are using their mobile devices for internet access, while traditional desktop usage continues to fall. Maybe that’s why Comcast is starting to offer wireless service in their special crazy way.