This Week’s Need to Know: The Censored Version



When Bitcoin’s value dropped 20% yesterday in just three hours, minutes after hitting an all time high, that weird uncle of yours who still inexplicably talks about Bitcoin probably peed his pants a little. But it’s not all bad. After the quick drop, in which the currency shed nearly $3 billion in market value in just 40 minutes, Bitcoin recovered somewhat to the value it was trading at last week.Some investors seem unconcerned, such as Binary Financial’s Harry Yeh who believes this as an opportunity to buy in, predicting we should “expect further upside for bitcoin. Now is the time to buy and hold, because the one thing we are certain of is there will be more uncertainty.” He sounds pretty certain… I’m sold.



Have you ever wanted to answer emails, watch the Godfather II, and play QWOP while hogging a table at your local Starbucks for 6 hours? Now you can. Razer Project Valerie is a new sort of gaming laptop with features that remind us of Inspector Gadget. The most notable of which is its 3 monitors that pop out from behind the central monitor at the press of a button. We’re not optimistic about battery life. But at least it only weighs 12 pounds.



China’s firey wall of internet censorship got a little hotter this week, when the country demanded Apple remove The New York Times news app from their Chinese store. While the NYT site had already been blocked by the Chinese government, the app served as a means of bypassing that, making it a hot target for the government. Apple complied in order to maintain its foothold in a country that accounts for a fifth of its $46.8 billion dollars in revenue. Now people in China will have to look to some of the extremely reliable sources that Americans get their news from, like Facebook. Oh wait, that’s blocked too.



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Here’s a quick roundup of some things that caught our eye this week.