This Week’s Need to Know: Chickens in Space



Stephen Hawking, Earth’s resident Debbie Downer, recently said that humans only have about 100 years left before the Earth becomes an uninhabitable pile of shit. All the rich people (including Kris Jenner) have escape plans. For the rest of us, we can live vicariously through a KFC chicken sandwich that’s being sent into space (really).



Give me a quarter-pound of bologna,100 pages of Charles Dickens, and a small container of Kindle. It’s all possible now that Amazon announced that it’s going to buy Whole Foods for $13.7 billion dollars (unless Wal-Mart runs a power move on them).



Watch out Russian hackers! The Girl Scouts announced that they are introducing 18 cyber-security badges. Badges include Selling Samoas On the Deep Web, The Thin Mint Network Stack, and Malicious Tagalong Scripting. Expect to see ransomware that demands you buy Girl Scout cookies to regain control of your computer.



We recently wrapped a video shoot that took us to Porto (Portugal), Tokyo, LA, and San Francisco for Wired and Mouser. The videos focus on shaping smarter cities, and are pretty damn great, so take a look. My vision of a smarter city has free, clean, easily accessible bathrooms. A guy can dream.



You don’t have to grow a mustache and wear that stupid hat to make your Mario Brothers fantasy come true. A developer just recreated the classic Super Mario Brothers game for the Hololens mixed-reality environment. Watch the video as he plays the game in Central Park. There’s also some good buzz and cool demos coming out of Apple’s new ARKit. Maybe this will be the year of mainstream AR/VR.



Oh Uber, how hard can it be to send cars to people? Don’t you know that people feel bad using you when your company is full of douchebags and you constantly make the headlines for doing dumb shit? And now you’re asking us to tip the driver? You know that means we have to tip so we don’t get a bad rating from the driver, right? Hopefully the firing of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is a step in the right direction.