This Week’s Need to Know: Computers Don’t Take Long Weekends



Apparently some smarty pants at Google’s DeepMind Labs made an AI that can beat even the smartiest of pantses at the incredibly complex game “Go.” Take that, incredibly gifted people who put years of hard work and practice into mastering stuff! But really, the machine besting 19-year-old Go master Ke Jie is a milestone for AI technology. Although AIs have been making quick work of humans at chess for years, Go is a far more complicated game, and on top of that, the AI reportedly taught itself the game by “studying…hundreds of thousands of human matches and playing against itself millions of times.”

Welp. In that case, I’m going to go drink hundreds of thousands of human beers until someone can replace my weak human brain with a robot one. Ke Jie, I’ll see you at the bar.



Paypal has filed a lawsuit against Pandora, citing that the Pandora app’s logo is too similar to theirs and is causing user confusion. To which a frustrated designer at Pandora replied, “They both start with a f$#%ing ‘P’, what the hell do you want me to do?!?” While some of the wording from Paypal sounds a little extreme—saying for instance that the “delay” in finding their app causes customers “inconvenience, and degrades PayPal’s standing with customers and merchants”—the logos are pretty similar. As an alternate solution, I think the two should just merge and create an app that forces you to listen to Nickelback all day while sending money directly to my bank account.



Instagram and Snapchat appear to be doubling down on that whole “Stories” feature your friends are constantly using to capture their boring lives that you don’t care about. Snapchat released a new feature that allows users to create location-specific stories available to small groups of people. It’s a nifty feature that the kind folks at Instagram (probably) just can’t wait to absorb into their platform. But before that happens, Instagram is trying to create more visibility into users’ stories by displaying location-specific stories in the Discover tab. The same feature. Two diverging paths. Who will survive?  Riveting stuff, folks.



Fans of athletes and stadiums and beer advertisements rejoice!  Facebook just signed an agreement with MLB to live stream 20 regular season games starting, well, a few days ago. It looks like streaming contracts are all the rage for social networks following Twitter’s latest series of deals with the NFL and WNBA. So, in an attempt to stay relevant, we at Sanborn are working to bring our weekly spring softball games to your favorite social media platforms via live stream. That’s right, every week fans of our agency can tune in to watch us either auto forfeit for lack of players or get beaten by 500 points because we’re really bad at softball.