This Week’s Need to Know: The Drunk at Nordstrom Friday Night Edition


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As retailers continue to ponder how much harder the internet will punish their business (and by “internet” we mean “Amazon”), the smart players are finding ways to like…use the internet to their advantage. Nordstrom announced this week that they will create Nordstrom Local stores, where you can see all of the clothes, try on all of the clothes, get drunk while you see and try on all of the clothes… but not actually take them home with you. Instead, you can buy them on the world wide web. Decreasing your brick-and-mortar footprint from 140,000 square feet to 3,000 feet in the face of rising real estate prices while going with (instead of against) the grain of digital disruption AND getting people hammered in the process? I salute you Nordstrom.



Look at the message on this condom. What does it say? Does it appear to say “GO FURTHER WITHOUT CONSENT” when you look at it? If so, you are among the 100% of humans who also think that. Hidden in the rounding error there is the one single person who designed this wrapper (for a well-intentioned safe sex group) who assumed that people would understand the illustration of the donut in front of that message to mean “DO NOT.” Good design is important people…you should only pay top dollar to highly qualified creative agencies to make sure you don’t inadvertently promote sexual assault with ill-conceived donut artwork.



Artificial intelligence is either very cool and exciting or utterly dangerous and terrifying depending on your worldview and how many times you’ve chosen the wrong day to stop sniffing glue this week. But…I think we can all agree a guy named Joshua Browder is doing the lord’s work by creating a chatbot that aims to, in his words, “replace lawyers, and, with enough success, bankrupt Equifax.” This heroic fellow configured his chatbot to let those affected by the Equifax hack sue the company more fluidly by taking some of the rote work out of it via AI automation. If Equifax had any sense of irony and adventure they would hack the chatbot. #checkmate



I’m just not.