This Week’s Need to Know: Fake is the New Real



Things continue to spiral out of control on Twitter (and planet earth) as *unconfirmed* reports circulate about Russian-gathered intel on Trump in the form of SPY DOSSIERS gathered by a BRITISH INTELLIGENCE AGENT.  While there’s plenty to say about who did or didn’t pee on what and whether we’re now living in a rejected Homeland plot line, this looks like an early indicator of the role that social media will play in 2017, which is that once something starts trending on Twitter (or any platform), major outlets are going to scramble to provide coverage without being able to confirm the reports, and nobody is going to give a s#@t whether the news is real or not.

Fasten your seat belts everyone!


This week Facebook released news that they will be unveiling mid-roll video advertising on Facebook feed videos, offering advertisers a pricing structure that can compete with YouTube’s current offering. Meanwhile, Instagram’s totally original “Stories” function is killing it, with roughly half of Instagram’s registered users using the function daily. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that they’re gonna jam some ads in there. The plan is to display them between stories and ease into it over time, presumably until ads are the primary content and all that dumb stuff your friends post becomes an annoying distraction.


Project management and collaboration technology is pretty big right now, and Agile Project Management powerhouse Atlassian seems to agree after purchasing Trello for a whopping 425 million dollars. Trello (we use it!) is a slick and simple organizational tool…whether you need to manage a huge product development project or just want a fun new way to remind yourself that you haven’t done laundry in 6 weeks. Although Trello doesn’t “do” anything in particular, these types of products represent a fast growing industry as companies become increasingly “agile” and “remote” and want tools to reflect how “hip” and “fun” and “cool” they are and piss off their development teams by putting digital stickers on their Todo lists.


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