This Week’s Need to Know: The Future of Peeing and Driving



Because some people think it’s reasonable to Slack, text, hold a Poland Spring bottle tenuously in place while your 3 year old son pees into it…all while driving…Apple is going to save you from yourself with some tech they call “Do No Disturb While Driving.” Basically if your phone is connected to your car it will withhold any texts or push notifications and let the sender know that, today at least, you are trying not to kill yourself or others around you with a smartphone and a 4,000 pound weapon-on-wheels. You can’t sell iPhones to dead people. Smart move Apple.


In other Apple news…app developers rejoiced this week when Apple announced a tool it calls ARKit, which releases complex augmented reality juice baked directly into iOS. Why is that good news for developers like us? Well…Pokemon Go and Snapchat and the incredible Dan Brown Inferno App have proven there’s a real market for AR-enabled experiences but Apple has thus far been reluctant to support the technology beyond allowing it to exist. This represents an exciting shift that will make existing AR experiences better and open up new and innovative ways for Taco Bell to turn your face into a co-branded Ford Fusion-shaped chalupa.


Columbia Law School’s Knight First Amendment Institute wrote a super fun and threatening letter stating that President Donald Trump’s twitter blocking is unconstitutional. The idea is that, as president, his Twitter account, much like White House press briefings or a city council meeting, is a public forum and thus viewpoint-based blocking is totally not cool. Trump responded by loudly repeating, “You can’t triple stamp a double stamp! You can’t triple stamp a double stamp!


Word has it that insurance premiums for Tesla owners might go up as much as 30%. The math here is that a) The cars are fast and performant and awesome b) When you buy a fast, performant awesome car you want to put that sucker to its paces and get your money’s worth and c) Fast, performant awesomeness is not cheap to fix when it breaks. A + B + C = more repairs by people who graduated somewhere closer to MIT than Apex Tech (bonus points if you remember the commercials from the 80’s…remember…he can’t call you). Sorry for making you do math on a Friday.