This Week’s Need to Know: Get Your Ghost On



Snapchat has announced an interesting play on their own version of reality TV with a show about the millennial-specific-totally-never-happened-before-in-human-history phenomenon of ghosting. Hosted by comedian Matteo Lane, each episode will follow Lane as he helps a protagonist track down someone who ghosted them for a real life confrontation and some Maury-esque drama. The show was probably thought up in a brainstorm session when someone said, “wait a minute, our logo is a ghost!” Will be interesting to see how it’s received by audiences, and whether Snapchat can start making serious inroads into content.

Did you know you can explore the SFMOMA’s collection by texting 572-51? The museum opened up its archive to curious patrons via a clever chatbot in order to help people explore works that can’t always make it to the museum walls. The application is a brilliant way for the museum to reach a broader audience and inspire people to come visit. It’s also great for people like me who live on the East Coast and like to talk dirty to Californian museums.

When Amazon Prime Wardrobe rolled out last month, many saw it as an opportunity to combine the flexibility and customer experience of style startups like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club with the e-commerce powerhouse of Amazon. I saw it as a chance to live off a week’s worth of clothes at a time. A month in, Digiday only sees a dark future for lingerie companies and an epidemic of used underwear. Here’s the interesting article they wrote about the implications of this service for retailers.

Want to know what songs you listen to most, what your listening habits are, and whether you’re a fitness freak or a dance fanatic? Spotify sure does. Because of the $$$$. Spotify for Brands released, as a way of proving to brands that they have access to audiences’ most intimate data. For example, if you can find out that someone likes to listen to speed metal while eating burritos, you know to put speed metal music in Chipotle ads. This is the FUTURE!

Here’s some of the stuff that makes us happy: