This Week’s Need to Know: The Internet sees you



On Thursday, CNN political commentator Jeffrey Lord decided to go out on an asinine limb and tell viewers to “think of President Trump as the MLK of healthcare.
Most rational thinking people couldn’t find the analogy there and were rather offended. Don Lemon was having none of it and The King Center decided to extend an invite to Lord so they could better educate him on the matter at hand.
Lord has since attempted to explain and defend his comment in an op ed piece, which somehow makes less sense than his original statement.



Doesn’t Kendall’s Pepsi ad seem like a distant blur after this week? The Internet is in full force justice-seeking mode after a number of high profile blunders:



Wired let us all know something we already knew deep down inside but didn’t want to face…staring at Instagram all day could be eating up all of your precious data and costing you money.
After analyzing over 100,000 global accounts, they found that “most savvy users know that playing videos over a 3G or 4G connection can rinse through data, but they may not be aware that the short clips on Instagram Stories use a similar amount of data when combined. Plus, if you’re watching multiple shorter clips, you may not realise exactly how much video is being consumed over your mobile network.”