This Week’s Need to Know: Punch a Nazi!



Is Snapchat only all over the news when it’s my week to write this briefing, or do all y’all write about Snapchat all the time too? (I don’t read the other writers.) But yeah, so Snap Inc.’s IPO is worth $3 Billion, they’re taking over the world, you’re probably too old to understand why, and Facebook’s Instagram is doing their best to stand in the way. Okay, now snap your reaction to all this, then move on to the next story.



Yes! In the comfort of your own home, even YOU can Punch A Nazi. This week, the internet heroes at Super Deluxe launched their mobile phone + desktop game, officially settling the debate about whether or not it’s okay to punch a nazi. Yes, in 2017, we’re having that debate all over the internet, because this d-bag got hit in the face. And the internet made it awesome (ed. note: if you click one link this week, make it that one). And to any of our nazi readers: hey.



If Strangers Things or The OA didn’t creep you out enough, you can now control Netflix using your mind. Created at a Netflix internal hack day, the Mindflix device allows viewers to scroll through available titles by moving their head side-to-side, then select a title to view by concentrating directly on it. Supposedly it’s all bunk, but I just lined my walls with tin foil to keep the voices from selecting the wrong rom-com tonight.



In an up-and-down week for Uber, CEO Travis Kalanick has announced that he’ll remove himself from a presidential economic advisory council meeting, after a somewhat-unintentional profit-driven move led to a backlash of users deleting their apps in protest. For what it’s worth, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has taken the opposite stance, insisting that being at the table “will on balance serve the greater good.” Either way, Lyft came out as the winner in all of this hubbub.



How great is that gif? That alone would fill out this section perfectly. Whoever made that, hats off to ya.