This Week’s Need to Know: We’re Selling Your Browser History



Congress repealed a set of Internet privacy protections this week, giving us all reason to do less sketchy stuff online (right…). Your ISP can basically now sell just about anything they want, about just about everything you do online, to just about anyone they choose. Info such as your browsing history, mobile app usage, and geo-location are now up for grabs. A few noble folks are making some valiant efforts to fight back, attempting to buy the browser histories of the congresspeople who supported the repeal.



Speaking of Interneting, time-wasting-extraordinaire Buzzfeed is reportedly planning to to go public, following the phenomenally uninspiring IPO by fellow time-wasters Snap Inc. Buzzfeed could be in a good place for a big entry into the market after receiving strong marks for their political coverage during the election. All I know is that I’m an Uncle Spud.



Not content with reinventing the automobile or pioneering new space travel technologies, super human Elon Musk is apparently now getting into artificial intelligence by backing a company called Neuralink. The company is in the early stages of creating devices that can be implanted into the human brain, with the purpose of merging human beings and software. Because that’s not scary at all.



Samsung is looking to bounce back from a year of bad press with its new Galaxy S8 and S8+ smart phones, both coming out next month. The new devices will feature a force-touch screen, facial recognition software, an entirely new virtual assistant program called Bixby – and, according to early rumors, the amazing new feature of not spontaneously combusting in your pocket. Sounds too good to be true.