This Week’s Need to Know: Spiked Egg Nog Edition



God has spoken…through Facebook’s new AI app “Jarvis.” After a personal phone call from human-hoodie Mark Zuckerberg, Morgan Freeman has signed on to voice Facebook’s home automation and general assistance application (and Amazon Alex/Google Home ripoff) in a move that should obviously knock out the competition. Zuck posted a teaser video (WARNING: auto-play video, but it is admittedly pretty funny) that showed the app speaking Mandarin, making toast, launching a tee shirt out of his closet and doing other creepy awesome things, but stated that “We’re further along than people realize and…we’re still a long ways off.”



Disney has inked a deal with Snap Inc. to create custom content specifically to run on the Snapchat platform. As the company closes in on an IPO, Snap has been partnering with several media companies including Viacom, NBCUniversal and Turner Broadcasting System to help the networks reach the younger audiences captivated by the social platform. It’s gonna be real weird when Goofy’s n00ds leak.



In another move to take on Snapchat directly, Instagram launched “Stickers” this week, allowing users to add cute graphics, seasonal phrases, and location-based labels on top of their Instagram stories. The Facebook-owned platform (man, there’s been a lot of social media stories this week… hey, have you checked out our awesome Instagram feed?) also recently launched live stories, giving users the ability to showcase their Insta-glam lifestyles in real time.



Since all apps seem to be slowly melding into one, ride-sharing juggarnaut Uber just announced a Snapchat filter and the ability to use a friend’s location as your destination. The new integration only works from within the Uber vehicle, and allows you to send snaps to friends with filters that display your ETA, location, and other details. Can we somehow integrate this with the Santa Tracker to follow the fat man around on Snapchat tomorrow night?



It’s the holidays. Pour an egg nog. Click some fun links and have some laughs. We like fun links.