This Week’s Need to Know: Who’s Driving at Uber?!



Uber has set the bar for controversy, scandal, and exec exits over the past few days. First, top executive Emil Michael stepped down after the board pressured him to do so based on reports of his conduct, then super-dudebrah CEO Travis Kalanick announced that he was taking a leave of absence—meaning that SIX c-level positions are now vacant at the company. The company is also being sued for mishandling medical records in a rape case involving an driver in India. Someone please take the keys away from Uber before they drive out of this ditch and into a brick wall.



I apologize for that cheap headline. I really do. But also, this is awesome: A Russian hacking group used Britney Spears’ Instagram comments section to spread instructions for downloading a malware Firefox plugin. Because, of course they did. Toxic. I’m sorry.



For the low low price of only $9 billion, Amazon may acquire workplace communications app Slack, positioning the online retail giant to enter the world of business tools and compete with Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce. I wonder if I’ll get any of that sales money for checking my Slack app at least once per minute every single day for the past 3 years or so. Oh, and they also just dropped $13.7 billion on Whole Foods this morning?! Now I can get my organic hummus and mobile notification-induced anxiety from the same place!



Good ol’ Snapchat got a double dose of headlines this week, after rumors that the next generation of Spectacles (people know those shades look ridiculous, right?) will have augmented reality features built in…but also that they’re sneaking facial recognition artificial intelligence on to your phone. So I just threw mine into the East River.