This Week’s Need to Know: The Weird Future of Virtual Reality and Social Media




The Perfectly-Imperfect VR-ish Camera App

While we still don’t know how virtual reality will play into the social media landscape, the new VR/Social app Sprayscape has entered the scene with a valiant first stab. Taking inspiration from Snapchat by shooting for a fun experience instead of sweating small details (like…image quality), the result is as imperfect as they advertise. However, it hints at where this tech could go in the future, as the speed with which VR content can be captured and shared increases.

For more glimpses of the future, it’s worth checking out some of the other neat projects from the Android Experiments lab.


Why Won’t They Stop Exploding?!

Samsung is throwing in the towel on the Galaxy Note 7 after replacing customers’ exploding Galaxy Note 7s with shiny new exploding Galaxy Note 7s. But don’t worry, if you have a Note 7 that you’re worried might explode they’ll send you a fireproof box, so at least the return trip is safe for US Postal workers. It’s now estimated the explosive devices may cost the company up to $17 billion. Ouch.



You Never Know What’s Next

The internet is often strange and unpredictable, but every once in a while something emerges from it that’s so beautifully stupid you have to stop and appreciate it for a minute. Seth Schneider, aka @TOSUBUCK, changed the world on October 8th by taking a selfie of himself while giving himself a high-five, sparking a new trend. We hope to see Ken Bone doing this at the 2020 Olympic games.


 Facebook, Facebook-Facebook… Facebook Facebook

Ever wish you could stay at home on Facebook all day? Good news, Facebook just launched WorkPlace by Facebook, an “enterprise-focused messaging and social networking service” that will help you do business, on Facebook. Ever wish you could hang out with friends without having to hang out with friends? Good news! Facebook is currently demoing Virtual Reality tech that might lead us to just that. And the world marches ever onwards toward a future in which we lie in bed all day wearing VR goggles, listening to Mark Zuckerberg whisper sweet nothings in our ears.



Oh, and here’s some good stuff from the week that either impressed us or just made us laugh: