Welcome, friends.



I’d like to wish a warm welcome to you.  As Technical Director here, I worked with Chris to make sure your experience here was productive, and, I hope, informative.  More importantly, I make sure the “trains run on time” with regard to the websites, iPhone and Android Apps, Facebook Pages, you-name-it-digital stuff….And the last thing we want is any sort of problem.  So please reach out if you have any suggestions, complaints, or questions.  As we grow this space, you’ll see the faces of everyone on our team, from our motion graphics gurus, to our account management masters, to our developers-in-the-face-of-danger.

Our aim is to do great things day-in and day-out.  No bullshit, no-excuses.


From all of us here at Sanborn Media Factory, welcome.  And keep watching.



Jeff Hampton

Director, Technology