Arizona Tourism Promo Video

There’s more to Arizona than the Grand Canyon. Golf Digest, in conjunction with the Arizona Board of Tourism, brought in the Sanborn crew to document the varied and beautiful landscapes, as well as the wide-ranging activities and cuisines the state has to offer.

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Location Scouting
Principal Photography
Microsite Design/Build

Starting on a golf course in the saguaro-filled deserts of Tucson, we followed a group of five friends as they ventured their way upstate to take in the vineyards of Cottonwood and the red rocks of Sedona, visit a haunted hotel in Jerome, zip-line across the evergreen treetops in Flagstaff, and round it all out by jumping out of a plane near Lake Powell in Page.

With two operating crews—one for principal photography and the other capturing 360° VR footage for use on the Samsung Milk platform—this project provided four consecutive 12- to 16-hour days of shooting and travel, traversing the land fueled by determination and an over-abundance of seltzer (a staple of the Sanborn team).